LoveweddingsNG listed as one of ‘The Latest 11 Naija Wedding Blogs for 2015 Nigerian Brides’ by Chief Weds Lolo

LoveweddingsNG Chief Weds Lolo Nigerian Wedding Blogs

Nigerian wedding website – Chief weds Lolo put together an article titled ‘The Latest 11 Naija Wedding Blogs for 2015 Nigerian Brides‘ and LoveweddingsNG was number 6 on the list. This is a huge deal for us because (just in case you don’t know this yet), we only started in 2014. So to be recognised and named alongside these other great blogs is HUGE.

According to Chief Weds Lolo, here’s a list of the 11 best Nigerian wedding blogs currently in the blogosphere.

  1. Bella Naija
  2. Nigerian Wedding Blog
  3. Wedding Feferity
  4. Aisle Perfect
  5. Munaluchi
  6. LoveWeddingNG
  7. Wedding Digest Naija
  8. Sugar Weddings
  9. My Wedding Nigeria
  10. Knots Villa
  11. Tulle Tales

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