Oya Dab!! The Latest Trending Pose at Nigerian Weddings

Ebuka Obi - Uchendu Cynthia Obianodo White Wedding LoveweddingsNG - Dab After Party

Photography: George Okoro Weddings

First, it was the Solange Bridesmaid Pose, now its the DAB. Trust us Nigerians to make a ‘pose’ trend.

This is definitely something we’ve seen almost at every Nigerian wedding since the beginning of this year. Everyone’s doing the DAB. We’ve pulled together pictures of Nigerian brides, grooms, grooms men, brides maids, wedding guests, etc. doing the dab.



Couple: #FolAkin16 | Planner: TrendyBEE Events

Photo: Ijalana Oke

Photo: Caramel Photos

Osy & Michael (#OsyME2017) | Photo: Euclase Photography | Coordinator: Iwalewa Ventures


Photography: Photography by Abi


Photography: Ben Komolafe Photography


Photography: Glintz Photography


Photography: Xtian


Photography: Damilola Onafuwa Weddings (DO Weddings)


Nigerian Engagement Shoot - Ginika and Okey LoveweddingsNG 12

Photography: Lemmy Vedutti Photography

Nigerian Engagement Shoot - Emmanuel and Nnena LoveweddingsNG HB Pixels 3

Photography: HB Pixels

Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 6

Nigerian Wedding #ElAmie2016 Amelia and Elaye LoveweddingsNG DO Weddings 9

Photography: Damilola Onafuwa (DO Weddings)

Nigerian Bridal Shower - Ginika Okolie #GiiOkey2016 LoveweddingsNG 7

Photography: Lemmy Vedutti Photography

Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 1 Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 2 Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 3 Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 4 Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 5

We welcome predictions about what the next Nigerian Wedding trending pose will be… Leave a comment below



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