Here comes the bride… in sneakers


Since 2015, we’ve had our eyes on this Nigerian wedding trend, we love brides who aren’t afraid to put their stamp on their big day. From Nollywood actress – Ivie Okujaiye, who rocked sneakers on her traditional wedding and white wedding to event planner – Asy of 3003 Events, we present 10 brides who said bye to heels and hello to sneakers.

The bride from #Lotu2017 wanted comfortable wedding trainers to wear after saying ‘I Do’ so she could #dancethenightaway | Planner: Events Royale | Photo: Obi Nwokedi 

Ivie Ojukaye and Ezie Traditional Wedding LoveweddingsNG2

Nollywood actress, Ivie Okujaiye wore sneakers with her traditional wedding attire


Ivie Ojukaye and Ezie White Wedding LoveweddingsNG

For her reception, she wore these black and white Nike trainers


The bride from #CaTony2016 | Photography: Auxano Photography

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2015 - Bridal Sneakers LoveweddingsNG 1

Photography: Creative Studios

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2015 - Bridal Sneakers LoveweddingsNG

Event planner and founder of 3003 Events, Asy wore sneakers on her big day | Photography: Image Faculty


Ghanaian bride – Vera Ewura Obeng in her red sneakers and her husband

sneakers-wearing-bride-loveweddingsng-1 sneakers-wearing-bride-loveweddingsng


The bride from #TheIbelemes2016 wore sneakers down the aisle | Photography: Auxano Photography

Credits: Instagram



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