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You know how much we love personalised vows.

Ope and Ifiom got married on Saturday, the 12th of November 2016 and the groom’s vows got us smiling. We shared a clip on Instagram by their videographer – Lanre Esho Films over the weekend. If you missed it, watch it below;

Ifiom’s vows to Ope 

My love, my friend
I promise to be the man that God made for you
To stand by you, to love you
To respect you, to provide for you
I promise you Opeyemi that this journey
…is one that you will not regret
And at the end of the day when death doth do us part
You will look back, with happiness and be proud that we spent those years together
I look forward to today, not because of the event or the excitement surrounding it
But because it signals the beginning of a journey that you and I will cherish for the rest of our lives
I love you Ope

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