Will you be my Best (Wo)Man? | The Female Best Man / Groomslady


When your best friend, brother, etc asks you to be his Best Man and you’re female, what do you call yourself? At LoveWeddingsNG, we call you ‘The Female Best Man‘ or ‘The Best Wo(Man)’. If you’re just one of the groomsmen, then we call you a ‘Groomslady‘. This was on our Nigerian Wedding Trends list in 2014.┬áSo here are some pictures to inspire you.


Photo: Laphy Photography | #JKay2018

Photo: George Okoro

The groom and his best wo(man)

At Nigerian photographer, Demola Adeniran’s wedding, there was a female best man

Photo: George Okoro


Lala Akindoju was a Best Woman for her friend, OC Ukeje’s wedding to Ibukun Togonu.



Photo: Alistair Englebert Preston Photography

#TheBlacks2014: The groom had his 'twin sister' serve as his 'Best Man'

#TheBlacks2014: The groom had his ‘twin sister’ serve as his ‘Best Man’

The Nigerian Best Woman #DoctorsPrescription17 BMD Photography LoveWeddingsNG

#DoctorsPrescription17 | Photo: BMD Photography

The Nigerian Best Woman #Tamanda16 7th April Photography LoveWeddingsNG

#Tamanda16 | Photo: 7th April Photography | Planner: 3003 Events

The Nigerian Best Woman LoveWeddingsNG

The Nigerian Best Woman LoveWeddingsNG 1

The Nigerian Best Woman LoveWeddingsNG 2

Picture credits: Instagram



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