How these businesses gained free PR with Wimbledon 2017 | LoveWeddingsNG Vendor Tips

What do you do when there’s a local or international event like The Championships a.k.a. Wimbledon holding around where your store / outlet / shop is located? You take full advantage of the free PR opportunity that’s in front of you. The results of this sort of exposure can take your business from A to D in a few days if properly executed.

We hope this post inspires you to start planning ahead of annual events e.g. festivals, Christmas, Sallah, etc that are set to happen around you and think of how you can gain free PR for your wedding business. From the train stations that got converted to tennis courts to the shop that had tennis balls in its window display and the bottle of champagne made to feel like a tennis court lawn, there’s plenty here to inspire you!

We have more marketing tips for your wedding business here.

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