Dara is back!!! | Dara’s Corner

Remember her! Our Dara is back.

She went on a break to experience life as a single Lagos babe but she’s back with more juicy stories you’ll love.

For those who haven’t met Dara, let’s reintroduce her. Here’s her profile

  • Name: OluwadarasimiLopoLopo Mabadeje (call me ‘Dara’)
  • Age: 29 (always and forever 29 – will be 30 when I say ‘I Do’)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Relationship Status: Thank God for Facebook ‘It’s Complicated’
  • Searching Status: Always Searching (eyes will be single after he puts a ring on it)
  • Complexion: Half – Lupita + Half – Toyin Tomato = Caramel

While she was away, Dara had a makeover. She’s hotter than ever because #PepperdemGang (wink!)

You’re in for a treat! Dara has been busy going on dates, attending weddings, finding love, going through heartbreaks, witnessing the never ending drama that unfolds in Lagos so stay tuned for a short story from Dara every Sunday, exclusive to LoveWeddingsNG.

See you next Sunday.




Dara is a fictitious name and character created for LoveWeddingsNG. This column is not a depiction of real life events. Names, characters, places and incidents and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. 🙂



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Welcome back Dara. It’s good to have you back. Hope you don’t get to stay away any longer again?
Once again Welcome

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