From the ‘Gram with Style | Kefilwe Mabote

South African luxury influencer, Kefilwe Mabote oozes class and luxury with all her outfits. That’s why she’s our pick for this series of From the ‘Gram with Style.  Check on it!
Dress: Quiteria George | Hat: Anita Ferreira Designs
Dress: Orapelengmodutle
Dress: Dolce n Gabbana | Hair: Lajawi Hair | Makeup: Azande SJK
Dress: Gert Johan Coetzee
Dress: Gert Johan Coetzee
Dress: Gert Johan Coetzee | Bag: Dior | Shoes: YSL | Hair: GK Dream Hair | Jewellery: Elegance Jewellers
Dress: Dolce n Gabbana 
Outfit: Gert Johan Coetzee
Dress: Quiteria George
Dress:Azzedinealaia Official | Bag: Dolce n Gabbana | Hair: GK Dream Hair Ltd | Shoes: Louboutin World
Dress: Blue Chic SA
Her look to the #MbokodoAwards2016
Dress: Lamanche SA
Dress: Gert Johan Coetzee | Jersey: Country Road | Belt & Bag: Ferragamo  
Outfit: Black Bottom Couture

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From the ‘Gram with Style



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