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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin ‘consciously uncouple’

Gwyneth Partlow Chris Martin split1

Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin were ‘pretending’ to be happy for the sake of their family and careers but in reality had been separated for some time it has been claimed.

A source close to the pair who announced their split after ten years of marriage on Tuesday, told New York Daily News that they were only keeping up the appearance of a happy marriage when in fact they hadn’t been a couple for ‘a number of years.’

A source told the Daily News: ‘This news should surprise no one.They haven’t been a couple for a number of years and have been pretending for the sake of the kids and each other’s careers.’ The actress broke the news on her Goop lifestyle website

Gwyneth Partlow Chris Martin Conscious Uncoupling

In their emotional, somewhat bizarrely entitled, statement called ‘Conscious Uncoupling’, Gwyneth, 41, and Chris, 37 admitted they had spent more than a year battling to save their marriage. 

Gwyneth Partlow Chris Martin split1

Source: Daily Mail


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