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Real Weddings: Jeremy & Jumoke| Loveweddingsng

Loveweddingsng Jeremy & Jumoke

Remember Jeremy & Jumoke (Juremy’14), we featured their cute pre-wedding pictures and proposal story recently, catch up HERE if you missed it. They got married last month. The traditional wedding took place on the 29th of August 2014 and the white wedding on the 30th of August 2014 in Abuja. We caught up with the groom – Jeremy who told us how the wedding went, his highlights and also shared his tips on marriage.


How It Went

Juremy’14 was a complete success, beautiful and glamorous. We were humbled at the turn out (Over 1,500 guests) and gracious at the huge support we got. Again, we have nothing to offer in return but to pray my favorite prayer for you all, that the good things of life that God has ordained for you be attracted to you. God is on your side.

Wedding Highlights

I remember telling my wife (smiles…feels good to say that name –wife) the penultimate week to the wedding that come that day we would be seated at the reception table, glancing at our guests, the hall, decoration and atmosphere in general for a few hours and everything would be over, the money spent, the stress gone through, the time of crying and frustration from one vendor to another, etc. All done in just a few hours. So I said to her you know what I want to enjoy the process, not just the day of the wedding but the process up until the D-day. So to answer the question as regards my most enjoyable moments I would simply say Juremy’14 moments being the aggregate of all the process leading to our glorious day. But without a doubt there were landmark moments, time of dancing, time of hearing the pastor say “I hereby pronounce you Man & Wife”, time of tears (of joy obviously), sitting at the reception and seeing the crowd of witnesses and loved ones etc. We enjoyed every day leading up to our big day.

Traditional Wedding

Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy6 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy4 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy5

Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy1 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy3 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy2

Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy14Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy22 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy10Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy15 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy12 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy13 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy21Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy44 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy46 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy45 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy47 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy48 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy50Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy72Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy9Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy20

Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy7 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy8Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy51 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy52 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy53 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy70Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy55Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy36Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy16 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy17 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy18 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy67 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy68Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy66Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy23 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy19 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy24 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy69Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy65Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy34 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy33 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy62 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy63Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy64Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy32Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy26 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy28 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy30 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy31 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy61 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy60Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy29Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy27Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy41 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy80Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy56Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy59 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy58Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy42 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy40Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy57Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy25Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy35Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy71 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy73 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy74 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy75 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy76 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy77 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy78Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy78 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy79 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy38 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy37 Loveweddingsng Traditional Wedding Juremy39

White Wedding

Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy6 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy7 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy10Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy8 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy9Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy5 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy3 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy2 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy57Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy54Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy53 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy52 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy51 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy50 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy48 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy47Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy55Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy92 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy102 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy100 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy101Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy100 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy101 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy94Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy18 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy25Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy17Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy1 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy4Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy85 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy86 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy87 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy88 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy84 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy90Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy15 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy16 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy14Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy89Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy11 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy13 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy12 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy19 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy20 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy21 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy80 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy81 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy82 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy83Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy22Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy24Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy33Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy27Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy76 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy77 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy78 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy79Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy28 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy29 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy32 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy30 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy31 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy98Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy65 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy66 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy67 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy68 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy69 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy70 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy71 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy72 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy73 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy64Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy74Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy56Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy99Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy61 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy34Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy95 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy96Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy97Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy97Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy37 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy38 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy36 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy39Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy40 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy41 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy42 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy44 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy43Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy59 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy60Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy62 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy63Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy45 Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy46Loveweddingsng White Wedding Juremy58

Marriage Tips

Hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, birds have learnt to fly without perching.

Guys have learnt the evil habit of hit and run, use and dump and empty promises. Ladies therefore beware.

Three ladies discovered to their shock that they were engaged to marry the same guy. Lady ‘A’ was looking forward to her wedding with great expectation. The guy had even sent her to Dubai to shop for their wedding.

One night, before their planned wedding, she discovered to her horror a marriage notice in the Local Government announcing this guy’s wedding to lady B’ in another location across the town.

Lady ‘A’ heard the devastating news from lady ‘C who happens to be a co-worker with her and was once engaged to the guy. Here is how he ‘played’ the game. He goes to the first service in the other church in town with lady ‘B’ and returns to his home church to attend the third service with lady ‘A’.

In each case, he “drove with them to church establishing his position as their fiance. The night the bubble busted, the guy showed his true colours jumping through the window, and scaling the high walls in lady ‘B’s apartment.

We all have deep rooted need to love and to be loved. We yearn for a mate who will love us. We also want the affection of our parents, our children, our siblings, and our friends. We may see others who find love, whereas we do not. From infancy we hear romantic tales of beautiful people who fell in love and lived happily ever after, singers croon about love, poets extol it. There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hope and expectations and yet fails so regularly as the in-love euphoria. It is often our closest relationships that are the most troubling-bringing us anguish instead of lasting joy.

A great percentage of all marriages now end in divorce, and many couples who do not divorce are far from being happy. We have also seen an increase in both single-parents and dysfunctional families, in which children have also become victims.

Yet, children especially need the emotional security of a warm, loving family environment. So, what has happened to love?

True love is becoming harder to find these days. Some people will not warm up to us, no matter how hard we try. And genuine love cannot be forced. However, by applying some guidance, we will increase our opportunities of cultivating loving relationship with others, even though this may take time and effort.

The conditions and trends of our days are marked by lawlessness and wars; the very opposite of love. The world has grown colder and genuine love is lacking, even within families. To a large extent most of us are influenced by the media. Most Mass media portrays sex, love and romance which shapes or reinforces unrealistic expectations that most of us can’t dismiss completely.
The love-at-first-sight notion implied that true love is just a feeling, an overpowering emotion that grips you when you meet the right person and that it requires little effort or knowledge of the other person. Real love however, is much more than a feeling. Granted though feelings are involved, but love is a profound bond that also includes principle and values that never ceases to grow provided it is properly nurtured and maintained.

The following are tips on a successful marriage

1. Marriage is two forgivers living together
2. A worthy wife is submissive. Submission is not slavery it is putting your strength under control
3. A worthy husband is a provider.
4. There must be openness and transparencies
5. A woman is an incubator: She has womb where she stores things, whatever the husband gives her she keeps it, nurtures it and multiplies it, and then gives it back to her husband


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