Unusual Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs | Volume 1

Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Candles LoveweddingsNG feat

Last month, we posted the picture below on Instagram and asked our dear followers to leave comments about the most unusual souvenirs they had ever gotten from a Nigerian wedding/event.

LoveweddingsNG Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs

The responses were so hilarious that we decided to turn the comments into a post. We’re sure you’ve all gone back home with jotters/notepads, pens, towels, napkins, plates, and all the other common souvenirs you’d normally get at a Nigerian wedding but our followers took this to another level. We cannot help but wonder if some people made up some of the answers because some of the souvenirs listed were just odd e.g. sliced bread. This is the more reason why you should contact one of the vendors listed in our Wedding Souvenirs/Favours category to get quality souvenirs your guests would love.

So here we present a list of unusual souvenirs some of our followers have brought back home from Nigerian weddings.

Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Candles LoveweddingsNG
A Packet of Candles. Picture Credit: Nairaland
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Candles Tinned Tomatoes LoveweddingsNG
Tinned Tomatoes. Picture Credit: DHaveenastores
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Indomie Noodles LoveweddingsNG
A Packet of Indomie Instant Noodles. Picture Credit: 8Brand
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Fried Beef LoveweddingsNG
Fried Beef in Polythene bags. Picture Credit: Pinterest | Nigerialogy
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Roll of Electric Wire LoveweddingsNG
A Roll of Electric Wire. Picture Credit: USB Universe
Shower caps. Picture Credit: Rehairducation
Shower caps. Picture Credit: Rehairducation
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Sanitary Towels LoveweddingsNG
Sanitary Towels. Picture Credit: P-Wholesale
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Condoms LoveweddingsNG
Condoms. Picture Credit: Konga
Sliced Bread. Picture Credit: Premium TimesNG
Sliced Bread. Picture Credit: Premium TimesNG
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Box of Matches LoveweddingsNG
A box of matches. Picture Credit: Pk.all.biz
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Candles Kerosene Stove Wool LoveweddingsNG
Kerosene Wool
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Toilet Brush LoveweddingsNG
Toilet Brush
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Bathroom Slippers LoveweddingsNG
Bathroom Slippers. Picture Credit: Indiamart
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Omo LoveweddingsNG
A pack of Omo. Picture Credit: Freshqatar
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Giv Soap LoveweddingsNG
Giv Soap. Picture Credit: MFG
Nigerian Wedding Souvenirs - Unusual - Toilet Tissue LoveweddingsNG
Tissue Paper. Picture Credit: Business.Thinkysolutions

Did we miss anything??? Share the most unusual souvenirs you’ve taken back home from a Nigerian Wedding in the comment field below.

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Nooooooo…condoms??? Electrical wires??? LMAOOOO

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