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Bridal Shower Games We Love: Guess The Celeb Bride

LoveweddingsNG Bridal Shower Game Ideas

One of our readers recently wrote to us stating she would like to us to write a series of possible games for bridal showers. We must admit this is a brilliant idea so here goes… we present the first bridal shower game we love and its called Guess The Celeb Bride

Before the shower, write each celebrity bride’s name separately on name tags. Consider choosing easy names/recent brides to save time and make it interesting.

LoveweddingsNG Bridal Shower Game Ideas - Guess the Celebrity Bride

As each guest arrives, attach one name tag to their back (use a pin or some extra strong double-sided tape). Ensure you state the rules from the start, nobody is allowed to tell anyone else which celeb bride they have pinned/taped to their backs. Introduce fines (even as little as N5) to make people take this seriously.

Naira Notes

Once you have a full house, ask each guest to stand up and take center stage. They can ask everyone yes/no questions to try and find out which celeb bride they have pinned/taped to their backs. Examples of questions they can ask are;

  • Did my celebrity bride get married recently?
  • Is my celebrity bride married to a famous person?
  • Is my celebrity bride an actress?, etc

Limit this to 3/5 questions per person else you’d spend all day on this game. Once they have finished asking the questions, they have to guess which celebrity bride they have pinned/taped to their backs.

Give prizes to those who are able to guess right.

We can’t wait to share more bridal shower games we love, click HERE for more

Picture Credits: The Knot | Vistaprint | Nigerian News Service

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