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We shared a picture of Daniel & Taiye on Instagram a few days ago and the first thing we noticed was that Taiye was on the floor. Out of curiosity, we went searching for all the details. Read the couple’s proposal story below.

It started last year October when I went to her office to purchase a device, yes I was attracted to her but she attended to me professionally with a straight face. She didn’t conclude my transaction and directed me to another desk where it would be done, but in my mind I wanted her to complete the transaction. Anyways I finished and left.

Fast forward to the 18th of February this year (2015), I was there again and she attended to me but my card didn’t swipe on POS. So she told that I could drive down to get cash from an ATM and pay via cash instead. I asked her how she knew I had a car and she said already saw the key. After withdrawing the cash from the ATM, I returned and found her attending to someone else, so I waited till she attended to me.

I didn’t have any intention that moment but she was so pleasant and I requested for her name and surname after which I got to sit back to request for her phone number. I called her after 3 days but she was rushing somewhere that morning and I promised to call back but when I was free to call, I felt it was late. I had to respect her privacy, knowing the fact that it is out of place to call a lady after 8:30pm. However, she called me 2 days later and said I didn’t call as promised and I apologized. I had to ask when it was out of place not to call her and she told me 10:30pm.

That night I called before 10pm and somehow, we were on the phone till about 1am, which affected her sleep pattern because we continued gisting till late everyday after work.

We had our first date one evening after work and it was a pleasant outing at a garden. I found her to be a wonderful woman, strict, strong willed, a no-nonsense lady, I call her a perfectionist. And that is how I decided to be her chauffeur after work which gave us the opportunity to catch up on our daily events. That is how we got closer daily.

The Proposal

A few months later, I decided to make her my woman!

It was her birthday – June 3rd and I felt the best gift I could give her was a surprise proposal. I showed up at her office, she was glad because she felt it was a surprise visit, music was being played and peeps came in with me.

She was stunned when I went on my knees to propose to her! She said YES but not before the mild drama that played out 🙂

I can’t wait to have her by my side forever… I love her so much.

Daniel Taiye Nigerian Office  Proposal - LoveweddingsNG3 Daniel Taiye Nigerian Office  Proposal - LoveweddingsNG2Daniel Taiye Nigerian Office  Proposal - LoveweddingsNG Daniel Taiye Nigerian Office  Proposal - LoveweddingsNG4 Daniel Taiye Nigerian Office  Proposal - LoveweddingsNG5

Watch the video below;

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