4 ways to feed your bride and groom cake


At most Nigerian weddings, most couples have a wedding cake and during the reception, they are invited to cut their wedding cake and feed each other in front of their family, friends and wedding guests. Now, the big question; How should you feed your partner on your wedding day?

We asked a couple of our readers and they came up with some pretty interesting answers, which we’ve summarised in this post.

1. Komole and feed: This is quite common, particularly with Yoruba or religious brides and is usually done by a lot of bride’s as a sign of respect for the groom, who is deemed to be the head of the household.

2. Put it in your mouth first, leave half the piece out and seal with a kiss: Yea, pretty complicated, we can’t even summarise it properly. This is when the bride or groom decides to put the piece of cake in their mouth and then passes the other half to the other party. Its usually sealed with a kiss.

Photo: Jide Kola Photography
Photo: Akin Oyebode Photography

3. Do the mess around: Basically, mess around with your bride/groom. Let he/she miss a few times and when you’re ready, let them actually have their piece of cake

Photo: Raremagic Weddings

4. Just do it: Boring!! We know but sometimes that’s all you need. Just feed your bride/groom, they’re probably hungry and longing to taste that cake you both spent a lot of money on.

Photo: MTouch Weddings

Did we miss anything?? Let us know in the comments section below.

The key message is there’s no right or wrong way; it all depends on the bride and groom and whatever they feel like doing on the day. So whatever works for you is perfect.

Picture credits: Akintayotimi | Jide Kola | RareMagic Weddings


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