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Wedding vlogger & international wedding and events planner, Wura Manola is back with another Get Wedding Ready vlog. On this episode, she shares her tips on how to plan a wedding like a Pro. This video is not just for brides but also for bridesmaids, family members, friends, aspiring wedding planners, etc.

  1. Be Informed: You have to be informed to plan a wedding like a pro. You need to know every single detail about your wedding down to the very little detail. This will help when approaching your vendors to pick the right vendors. This will help your guests and family understand what is going on with your wedding. Not being informed can ultimately cause you to make the wrong decisions which can cost you financially.
  2. Be Organised: You have to be organised when planning a wedding; have reminders in place. You need to be able to track your wedding to ensure everything is done on time and nothing is left out. You cannot forget to pay a vendor or to send out important information to your guests.
  3. Be Connected: You have to know vendors in the industry, you have to know the right vendors to choose for your wedding. The more vendors you know, the more you know about who the right ones to choose are. It’ll also give you options in the event that your preferred vendor is unavailable on your chosen date. The more wedding pages you follow wedding pages and the more you get involved with the wedding planning process, the more wedding vendors you will get to know.
  4. Be disciplined: You have to be disciplined when you are planning your wedding. You have to be disciplined with your budget, you cannot go over your budget and you have to be disciplined with your time, you need to be able to do several things at the same time, so effective time management is essential.
  5. Be creative: To plan a wedding like a pro; you have to be creative. The most beautiful weddings come from creative planners. You need to be able to draw inspiration and bring it to life. Think about what you like and try and incorporate that into the wedding. This will help you tap into your creative juices!
  6. Be Smart: Be smart with the decisions you make; remember you are spending lots of money on your wedding, the decisions you make will either save or cost you money! Pick the vendors you can afford, pick the right bridesmaids e.t.c
  7. Be able to manage people: You have to be able to manage people. If you can’t you might need to get a planner or let your mum plan your wedding. You have to be able to tell people what to do and when you need it done. People need to respect you and your opinions and not walk all over you.
  8. Be a problem solver: Weddings do not go 100% as planned and that’s life; you need to be able to think on your feet and solve any problems that may arise

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