“We met 2 years ago; we were both on different dates with other people” – Yassmin & JD

Ethiopian serial entrepreneur, Yassmin Ibrahim and immigration attorney, JD Walker from Houston, Texas met two years ago at a gala while they were on separate dates. The couple, who are now engaged, shared their love story with us.

Check it out below! 

We met at a gala a couple of years ago and I never noticed him because I was on a date and so was he. He tried to get my attention; however, I was having a good time with friends at the gala. He then recited a prayer, “Dear God, if this the woman you want me to be with, please let me see her again”. 

3 months later, he saw a tag on Facebook with my name and picture and decided to send me a private message on FB. It took me a while to respond because I didn’t know who he was or his intentions and decided one day to give him a reply. A week later, we saw each other and have been together ever since.

It’s been difficult adjusting to cultural differences and me being a single mom from previous relationship; however, I know this is the man God intended for me. I truly believe I was created to be his wife. 



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