Kawthar & Ahmed’s love began with a stare | #AfterTheStare

Kawthar and Ahmed fell in love after he couldn’t stop staring at her at a friend’s wedding. He went from staring to sliding into her DM on Instagram and, as they say, the rest is history. Read their love story and view pictures from their prewedding shoot. 


We know a time will come when people will ask us what is your love story? How did you guys meet? So we took the time out of wedding planning to write it down for the sake of those we do not get to tell physically. As you read through, at times it would sound like both of us narrating and other times one of us. So here we go! 

In August 2018, a very good friend of ours, Hameedah was getting married and we both attended. That was the first time we met as acquaintances. We were seated on the same table, which now seems like a divine placement of some sort even though there was no formal sitting arrangement.

I had flown into Lagos from Abuja to attend the wedding, though another friend of mine was getting married in Kano the same day, and his wedding would have been easier to attend. For reasons unknown to me, I was determined to attend Hameedah’s wedding. I even took a day off work just to fly into Lagos early. Now looking back, I would say I was destined to be at the wedding that day. 

I would go on to spend the most part of the wedding staring at this beautiful, calm, charming lady whose smile every time something exciting happened on the stage just few feet away kept drawing back my attention to her. I was careful as I didn’t want her to notice me staring at her. I didn’t want to seem inappropriate or creepy. Apparently, she had noticed me and was also pretending. 

You know what’s interesting; she noticed me staring and quite boldly said “hi”. I waved back from across the table and smiled. That was all the action that took place on that day as man was too shy.

So, I flew back to Abuja to face my hustle and so did she in Lagos. And as the universe would have it, we started to talk the very next day, when I sent her a DM on Instagram. How was I able to shoot my shot without knowing her handle, you’d wonder?

Well, while looking at the wedding pictures posted on Hameedah’s Instagram page from the wedding, I found her handle and decided to ping her to say hello and that was the beginning of this beautiful journey. 

She was nice, courteous, intelligent, mannered and fierce with her thoughts on society and those kept me coming back. However, after the first week of getting to know each other, I started a project that took me away and so we did not talk until January 2019. 

One day, she posted a video of her reciting the Qur’an and I was mesmerized. I began messaging her again and after few weeks of introspection and inquiry, I decided to ask her out. About 3 weeks later, we were in love and here we are today, getting married as we have always wanted from the first time we understood each other. It all began with a stare, and now, we hopelessly in love.


  • Planner: BM Luxe Events
  • Photography: Zallah Zamani
  • Makeup: House of Tara International
  • Scarf: Gamaza Collection
  • Dress: Keema Kuts


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