Happy 63rd Independence day Ghana

Ghana is celebrating her 63rd independence day today, the 6th of March 2020. To celebrate, we’ll be sharing 5 things we love about Ghanaian weddings.


1. Like one of our followers on Instagram said, Ghanaian’s melanin is so dark and beautiful and we love melanin around here.

2. Kente is such a beautiful fabric and you don’t have to be Ghanaian to appreciate it.

Photo: George Dickson Photography

3. Ghanaian food: From Ghanaian Jollof, groundnut soup to kelewele (dodo plus peanuts), banku and more, we love Ghanaian delicacies

4. Ghanaians have shape, according to another Instagram follower and we totally agree

Tell us what else you love about Ghanaian weddings

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