The rustic wood cake trend is back!

One wedding element that has stood the test of time is the wedding cake. Most couples have a wedding cake on their wedding day. What has evolved over the years is the way wedding cakes look. We’ve seen cakes in every form – in tiers, in pillow forms, with special effects and more.

In 2017, wood cakes became very popular at Nigerian and African weddings particularly for couples whose events had a rustic theme. They were so popular that they featured in our 2017 African wedding trends report. Well, this trend is back. Since January 2020, we’ve spotted a couple of wooden cakes and we’re excited.

Cake: Heladodelica
Cake: Heladodelica

Cake: Heladodelica
Cake: Heladodelica

What do you think about wood cakes? Leave your comments below.


Eguolo Anita Etefe is a wedding and travel enthusiast

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