Odunayo & Kausarat’s #AKaseClosed happened through divine guidance

Nigerian couple, Odunayo & Kausarat are getting married the COVID way in two weeks. We caught up with the couple via their planner, LH Events who shared their #AKaseClosed love story and pictures from their stunning pre-wedding shoot.

Check it out! 

How We Met (Bride)

Odun and I met sometime in 2012, I was in 100L in university. I got introduced to him for a modelling gig with a top Nigerian company. I was too excited, prepared my portfolio and then I was off to his office in Victoria Island to deliver it, awaiting the good news. That never came, lol and we barely spoke for about 4 years. 

In September 2016, we started talking a lot more than our once or twice in a year kind of conversations inviting me to be his date at some events and me saying I couldn’t come (cause my mom wouldn’t let me then, lol). In November 2016, he invited for a show that was happening later that month and that was our second time meeting in 4 years, and that was also the beginning of the deep and sweet friendship that became a relationship in January 2017. Odunayo is a very persistent human I must say and he’s my sweet gift from God.

The groom’s Version 

Sometime in 2012, I was flipping through pictures on my friend’s phone and hers caught my attention. I asked my friend who she was and he told me they had met her on set during a photoshoot for a clothing line. I asked that he introduce us and my friend decided to give me her number but there was one problem…Motive!!!!!!!!!

We brainstormed and came up with the brilliant idea of packaging everything around a modelling deal. So, as a big boy in one of the top O&G companies in the country, I called her and told her I needed her to submit pictures of herself so I can share with our corporate communications department for consideration in one of their upcoming adverts. Of course, she was excited and we agreed on a date for her to visit my office and submit the pictures. She came on the agreed day and definitely caught everybody’s attention.

Surprisingly, that was the last time we would meet until late 2016. Prior to 2016, I would occasionally call to invite her for some corporate events (of course, she always turned down the offer). It wasn’t until when we started dating in 2019 that she knew the truth about the modelling gig I told her some 7 years ago. It was all a strategy to just meet her physically, the pictures never went anywhere besides my drawer!!!!!!!…. Now, the rest is history and I got the best through divine guidance. ? 

The Vows

Babe in all this time, you have shown me and proven to me that true love is real and that it can overcome all things. I choose you over and over, every day and at all times, to stand with you and for you. I promise to love you without fear, faithfully, forever and unconditionally, to honor you, to put you first above others, to treasure and cherish you, holding you dear to me forever. You’re my absolute love Odunayomi!  – Kausarat (bride)

Today my life begins

Today I become a man;

Today I become accountable to someone else other than myself;

Today I become accountable to you, to our future and to all the possibilities that marriage has to offer.

You are my Always;

You are my Forever;

You are my Reality and;

You are my Sunshine.

Here is my hand and it is yours to hold;

Here is my heart and it all belongs to You;

I give my love to you Olamiposi. You are not just a gift; You are my heaven-sent and I would like to put the stars in your hands;

I love you with all I am, and all that I will ever be.

Odunayo (groom)


  • Bride to be: @_kausy 
  • Wedding planner: @LH_Events 
  • Photography: @dikophotography 
  • Makeup: @makeupbyteey
  • Videographer: @thegalleryng 


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