6 reasons why weddings are so expensive! – Wura Manola

Wedding vlogger, Wura Manola is asking the million-dollar question – why are weddings so expensive? According to her, “People often wonder why weddings are so expensive and I wanted to break this down so that they have more of an understanding of what makes weddings so expensive“. This would help couples go into wedding planning with a more realistic budget, expectations, and the right mindset. In this episode, she shares 6 reasons why weddings are so expensive.


Here’s an excerpt of the key points

  1. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for most people
  2. Weddings are usually whole day events and sometimes they are spread over multiple days.
  3. Weddings are big projects and as such, are time-consuming
  4. Weddings incur a lot of labour costs
  5. All the elements that are needed to make your wedding work
  6. Food & drinks

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