Its the perfect day to tell the Wedding Bellz love story

Adebisi and Ayobami met in January 2017, he proposed in 2019 and now they’re married. The couple shared their love story and pictures from their #TheWeddingBellz pre-wedding shoot with us. Enjoy!

Adebisi’s story

When I think about how Ayobami and I met, I get all smiles and emotional for God to have ordered my steps to meet a wonderful being like Ayobami. On the 1st of January 2017, we usually celebrate at a friend’s home. My cousin, Morayo got an invite from Bayonle to FHS, where they usually gathered for the new year celebration. Morayo, Ebikeffi, and I left for the venue, I was quite reluctant to be part of the gathering and I wanted to go back home, but all our friends and Rayo insisted I come along.

On getting there, I was quiet as usual, standing alone and observing, THEN, came this young man with all confidence, he said “Hi“. I replied, “my name is Ayobami Bello” and he asked why I was so quiet. I thought to myself, what sort of question, am I supposed to be jumping around when I barely know anyone. Then I reacted by giving an attitude. He said “I am sorry I was just asking” and he left! I was shocked. Deji and Ebikeffi were quite playful, I couldn’t take my eyes off Ayobami anymore but he didn’t seem to care.

January 3rd, Morayo and I wanted to hang out with our best friend, Ebikeffi; she said she wasn’t around. After we pressed, she disclosed where she was and gave us directions and told us to meet her there. When we got there, we waited a while and after some long minutes, some cars rolled in, parked and there was the tall looking handsome man again, Ayobami. I decided if he greeted me I will be more friendly this time.

When he saw me, his face lit up like someone who had won a bet. I had to rush somewhere when we were invited in and he asked if I was coming back (he needed to be sure), I answered yes with a smile. I got back and we got talking, I admired Ayo’s confidence, maturity, and calmness. I had another friend of his who was also trying to chat with me but Ayo was in no rush as if he knew we were going to be forever. Then he asked for my number when we were leaving. He called that day and the other as I had to travel back to Ibadan. He didn’t call for more than 2 weeks. When he did, he attacked me by saying you couldn’t call me? and then we got talking.

On one of our phone conversations, when Ayo got a promotion, he asked me to marry him and I laughed. Ayo officially asked me to marry him on 17th August 2019, I was shocked but we were ready to do this, and I was so elated. I could not have asked for a better partner. A lot of time, I feel I must have done something right for God to have sent Ayobami my way. Now it is about to be real!

Ayobami’s story

It’s funny to look back at how our story began. It all started out at the usual New year hangout with my friends and family where we always joke about what happened in the last year and things we look forward to from each other in the new year. Not quite long, Morayo, Ebi, and my own Adebisi walked in. My friend Bayonle had invited Morayo as they were also friends. I liked Adebisi at first sight and just wanted to say hello and so I did and asked why she was just too quiet, well, she replied reluctantly and I just didn’t continue🤣.

Days after the new year, my friend, Prince Adedeji Olateru Olagbegi called me that he was in my place for a visit but I wasn’t home yet. Unknowingly Deji was with Ebi, who had also called Bisi and Mo because they wanted to hang out. I got to the gate of my house and saw Adebisi and in my head, I was like (this girl again🙄), I said Hi to her this time again and we started chatting and enjoyed every bit of it because she was just too intelligent. As they departed, I asked for her number and she gave it to me (I was excited but still nervous).

Now, this is where it became funny, I never contacted Adebisi for more than 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I called her again, I’m sure she thought “this guy again🤣“. We started communicating and then the love story started. I have always prayed one prayer which is that I will find a woman as beautiful, intelligent, God-fearing, and “health-conscious” as my mum. I saw all that in Adebisi, my heart began to melt for her, and I knew this was it for me…

I gave her the shock of her life on the 17th of August, 2019 when I asked her if she will be the love of my life forever, the moment she said YES… I knew my life will never be the same forever. I love you baby forever and a day more!!!


  • Photography: @imillart
  • Makeup: @kimbeautyofficial
  • Planner: @isibalo_events


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