Temi & Gbenga’s #GTLoveJourney2021 love story started from a CV

Temi & Gbenga are getting married soon and their #GTLoveStory2021 is being planned by Nigerian event planner, LH Events. Their love story started when Gbenga was recruiting for a role, he saw Temi’s CV; they went on to become friends and they got engaged in 2019. Here’s the full story.

How we met the groom’s version

In my office back then, there was an opening at Zenith insurance specifically for a female marketer, so I reached out to a friend of mine that worked in another company to get him to send me some resume of competent hands. Temi’s resume was one of the CV’s sent to me. I reached out and booked an appointment for her to come in to meet with the ED at that point. 

When she came, I had to have a chit-chat with her before getting her into his office. I recall that we just discussed and it was so weird that I told her there and then, I was going to marry her as that was the first time we were meeting and in an office environment. It was just a gut feeling.

That was the beginning of it all. It wasn’t so rosey initially because I got the feedback of you wanted to get me a job, you’re coming with something else, so I freed for a while. We started talking again, she got the job and we picked up a friendship from there which advanced into dating.

How we met – Bride’s version

I met Gbenga first at a pre-interview in March 2018. He was the link to meet with first before meeting the main interviewer. 

Although I had known him through a mutual friend from back from my former place of work and the first conversation we had, Gbenga literally said to me, He knew I was the one he was going to get married to. I rolled my eyes for the usual guy’s slang knowing what they’re always really after. 

I got the job with the company and was seeing him more frequently. I finally agreed to go on a first date with him to eat. I enjoyed conversations with him and of course wanted to hang more often with him. 

Shortly after, we started dating officially in November, that year.

The Proposal the bride’s version

It was my birthday, in 2019 and I was not expecting it at all. I knew he was going to do something for my birthday, more like a surprise, so my mind was channeled completely on getting the surprise to see what he had pulled together. 

That evening, he came to pick me up from my friend’s place, (wasted a whole lot of time btw, and I was already getting pissed at how fast the day was going). He finally got there and we headed to Twin Waters, in Lekki. 

When we got to the Chinese restaurant, everywhere was looking empty (i dint understand the surprise with the emptiness) but I figured maybe he wanted something intimate. 

I picked up the menu to make my selections, and we gisted whilst awaiting the foods to come. 

I opened the plate to eat, and saw ‘Will you marry me engrossedly written’, Gbenga got on one knee in the process but I was shy, shocked and felt literally all the emotions; All I could say was Oh wow all through. 

I looked around to see our friends coming out from various places, I didn’t know how to behave/react but it dawned on me and I said Yes! 

After which we had a nice dinner with the closest people to us. It was indeed special. The highlight for me was also the cake! 

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man soon ❤️

The proposalthe groom’s version

It was her birthday; the 4th of July, 2019. I already knew I wanted to marry Temi from Day 0 but we were roughly 7-8 months into the relationship. My plan was to propose to her that year and what better day than her birthday to make it a more memorable day for her? Perfect timing, perfect ring, with the perfect girl as she’s big on birthdays. 

I got her sister and a friend of hers involved in the planning process who later gathered our closest friends together. We planned a surprise with me taking her to dinner at Chai Tang. Her friends were already there. We walked in, sat down, started eating and gisting. In the middle of the discussion when the waiter had brought the ring, I knelt down to ask her to be my wife. Her friends came in to complete the surprise because it ticked the box of intimate and having our closest friends also witness it on a very special day for her. 

As said from day 1, I look forward to starting forever and creating my entire world with this beautiful lady.


  • Planner: @lh_events 
  • Bridal Styling: @themelangestyling 
  • Photography: @tosin_josh 
  • Outfits: @houseofsolange 
  • Makeup: @Quints_n_Class
  • Hairstylist: @Mobeautybar


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