Ife thought she was chatting with a different Sola on BBM

Ife and Sola are getting married and the bride-to-be shared their love story with us. They went from growing up on the same street to reconnecting via Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Here’s how Ife and Sola found love.

Our love story

Sola and I have always known each other, in fact, we grew up on the same street, we went to the same primary and secondary school, but we were never friends as we are not in the same age group.  I was in JS1 when he was in SS3.

The first time I spoke to him was when I was on my 200 level Christmas break, he came to see my neighbor who was his friend, they were supposed to see a football match together. Unfortunately or fortunately, his friend was not around, but I was in the compound and we got talking, he had just started working and was advising me to have good grades in school. I think we exchanged contacts (BBM pin) then but we didn’t speak again after that day.

Fast forward to summer break that same year. 

I started talking to a Sola in my contact thinking it was a female close friend from school. I said ‘Sola babyy! How are you” 😊 and he kept responding and we gisted for a while till I asked about her exams and he responded “Do you know who this is? This is Senior Sola ooo” we laughed about it and we have practically been talking nonstop for 7years. 😁😁

I love this man so so much. 🥰😍 God is the orchestrator in this whole drama, there is no way we could have planned this ourselves.❤❤❤


  • Photography: Kimilokan Photography


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