Ifayin & Olisa’s love story was divinely orchestrated

Nigerian couple, Ifayin and Olisa are getting married soon and their wedding planner, Ahmaazon Events shared their love story with us. Here’s #TheIOAffair love story. Enjoy!

Our love story

Talk about divinely orchestrated. Hahaha!!!

It all started on an airplane in 2018. Somewhere in transit, I had met a really lovely lady who was headed to my destination. We got talking, and I realized her sister lived in the same city I would live in. We all became good friends and one big family, really😊.

Months down the line, I had met many of her friends, one of whom was Olisa’s sister. What a connect!☺️. The day she called, she said, “My friend’s sister just arrived, and she’s a doctor. I have told her I have a younger sister who is a doctor that would tell her all she needs to know about the licensing process”.

Olisa’s sister got in touch with me, and instantly, we clicked! She was so warm and pleasant, and I remember saying to myself, “Not many people sound this nice.” Apparently, it runs in the family! *wink. She seemed very much like my kind of person, bubbly and bright. We became friends, of course!😊 and the first time we met, I met her sister. It was a second confirmation that it runs in the family😅, and her sister happens to be my birthday mate. The lines kept falling pleasantly.

When her sister left, she looked at me and said something about a brother that I laughed off. If only I knew! She mentioned him again a year later, and there was no show!😅 I laugh quite a lot and heartily, for that matter. So, the way I would laugh whenever she mentioned him, perhaps, made her forget her original intention.

By the third time, I eventually succumbed as ‘this brother’ actually sounded ‘you know, correct!’.

From the first text message he sent to me, I nodded and said to myself, ‘this one makes sense’’. Our first conversation lasted for 18 minutes, the second was for 30 minutes, and the third was for an hour…. It kept growing, and I remember parking in front of the grocery store on one cold winter night and saying to my friend, “I think I have fallen yakata for this one.” Like! I didn’t even fall with poise *bats eyelids.

In his words, we didn’t get serious; we got intense. Oly does it all right, and he totally gets me. We have so much in common. His birthday is even a day before mine. Lol! I mean, I brag too much about June for my husband not to have been born in June😂😂.

Words can’t adequately describe this love story. With God on our side, forever begins. I’ll choose you over and over again.


So in 2020, my darling sister Ebele told me about a young Nigerian doctor she met in Canada. She said nice things about her and sent me her WhatsApp dp, she knew I was so single then😂. Because of the distance, I was indifferent about the whole thing and I didn’t follow up.

Fast forward to 2021 and I was still single, not out of trying😅. My dear sister just brought her up again in a conversation and told me how pleasant and nice she was. Apparently my big sis had that conversation with her and they both felt the same way about her. Not like they were sure she was single, but I gave her the go ahead to find out.

It turned out that she just became available, which was perfect timing😉. And from the first day we spoke on the phone, it was perfect. Subsequently I realised that this is it and more for me. I never looked back cos the thought of not hearing her voice alone became unthinkable, not to talk about the positive influence she has had on my life. Literally the sweetest being I ever met!


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  • Planner: Ahmaazon Events


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