Before meets After | Stunning Makeovers – Volume 10

LoveweddingsNG Before and After - Misz Posh MUA1
Makeup: Misz Posh Makeup Artistry

We’ve all seen a ‘before and after’ picture of a makeover that has made us go ‘WOW!!

So we’re proud to present a compilation of stunning makeovers we love. Catch up if you missed Volume 1, Volume 2Volume 3, Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6, Volume 7Volume 8 and Volume 9.

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Be inspired!

LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - Pushies Makeover
Makeup: Pushies Makeover
LoveweddingsNG Before and After - Marikubo Studios
Makeup: Marikub Studios
LoveweddingsNG Before and After - Motola Abdul
Makeup: Motola Abdul
LoveweddingsNG Before and After - Joyce Jacob Beauty
Makeup: Joyce Jacob Beauty
Before meets After Kristabel Makeovers
Makeup: Kristabel Makeovers
Before meets After Shomya - LoveweddingsNG
Makeup: ShoMya
Before meets After - Maradarah LoveweddingsNG
Makeup: Maradarah
Before meets After - Melys Makeover LoveweddingsNG
Makeup: Melys Makeover
Before meets After Ennieyapha - LoveweddingsNG
Makeup: Ennieyapha
Before meets After - Slushlash Makeovers LoveweddingsNG
Makeup: Slushlash Makeovers
LoveweddingsNG Before and After - makeupbymahdey
Makeup: Makeup by Mahdey
LoveweddingsNG Before and After - Nice Touch
Makeup: Nice Touch
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - Gemstouch
Makeup: Gemstouch
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - Joy Adenuga MUA
Makeup: Joy Adenuga
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - Joyce Jacob Beauty1
Makeup: Joyce Jacob Beauty
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - Olu Oge
Makeup: Oluoge
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - Sinoren
Makeup: Sinoren
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - T.Alamode
Makeup: T.A’La Mode
LoveweddingsNG Before meets After - TobiBhanks
Makeup: TobiBhanks

Picture Credit: Instagram

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