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Bera & Jindu met on a sunny Friday and after a few calls, dates, they’re set to say ‘I Do’ in November 2015. Read their story and view pictures from their pre-wedding shoot by Klala Photography.


How They Met

It was a warm but sunny Friday at about midday, I had just dashed out of the office to briefly attend to an official matter. After the meeting, I remembered I forgot a document I needed at work and so I had to rush home to get it. On my way back, I passed through a certain street, which I only go through when I’m in a hurry. Despite the rush, I just couldn’t help but notice a pretty damsel standing in front of a white building which happened to be her office. In my mind’s eye, I foresaw an instant connection. I was actually certain I had seen her a few times before then but didn’t quite find the perfect opportunity to meet her. Something told me on the inside that this was my chance. Disregarding the fact that I was supposed to be back at the office by then, I didn’t realize when I pulled over to the side of the road and summoned courage to walk up to her. It was a bit weird at first because I wasn’t sure how she would react.

A forceful smile, an uncompromising look, we got talking……She was only just courteous. Feeling undeterred, I insisted we had lunch someday. She gave me the ‘very busy’ lines as I expected. I told her I was blessed with supreme patience and wouldn’t choke her. With a slightly withheld smile, she obliged my request for her contact details.

I was convinced the interest was there…I just had to show it, prove it and keep it there! Two days later, we had our first lunch together, It all started slowly, picking up gradually with each call, each message and each date…….this is where we are today!

Bera is indeed a wonderful lady blessed with an immense personality and a strong sense of affection. She encapsulates what I’ve always hoped for, I felt it from the first day! It is no doubt our prayer that God will keep us forever in LOVE!!!

– Jindu

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Jindu and I met around my office. I noticed someone staring at me, I caught his gaze several times. Then he walked up to me and said hello, we exchanged pleasantries and numbers. We started communicating via phone calls and BBM, because seeing each other was quite difficult. It felt like we’d known each other for years, I always looked forward to his calls.

Chijindu is a very caring and romantic guy, he’d always bring me lunch, because it wasn’t always easy to leave my office. I liked the fact he was calm, and patient.

We decided to go out on a date and that was it. We clicked! We couldn’t do without seeing each other every day. We are inseparable. I knew I had met my Mr. right.

He was everything I had prayed for, Calm, lovable, understanding, patient, romantic and God fearing.

..And that was how our love blossomed. It was so easy to fall in love with him.

– Bera

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The Proposal

The proposal was a funny but interesting story! I made up her mind on my intentions way before the day, guess I was nervously waiting for a next to perfect opportunity. First things first, I had to determine her ring size, I had ‘stolen’ one of the fanciful rings she wears atimes, but that didn’t prove reliable, so I had to consult her beloved sister (my partner-in-planning). She excitedly told me they both have the same size. She went further to put heads with me to plan a suitable proposal. We agreed that she would supposedly “organize a get-together for her friends” at her place (actually she does that once in a while) and invite her sister to join in with her bobo.. lol!

Her sister and I agreed a suitable date and time (around 7 pm) and invited close friends, including friends of my cuddles, some of whom she wasn’t aware they were in town. I also invited some of my family and a few friends as well, who all knew the plan. In fact everyone knew the plan except… know who!

On the fateful day, my cuddles told me her sister invited both of us for a get-together by 7pm. I acted a bit of drama by complaining I had a football match to watch that night and might not make it! She pleaded with me, so I ‘grudgingly’ accepted. Incidentally, her parents were in town that day so she had to cook for them. This threatened to delay my plans cos she was still cooking by 6.45pm! I quickly called my ‘chief co-planner’ to urge her sis to hurry up! Before stepping out, I secretly crosschecked to ensure the important asset (the ring) was in my pocket and hadn’t disappeared!…lol

We arrived there at exactly 7.45pm. The invitees were already gathered; her sister’s friends seated in the house, while my friends, family and her own friends were hiding around the vicinity! We sat down, relaxed and got gisting. I had arranged with her sister to call the ‘anxious crowd’ at about 8.15pm.

So cometh the moment! I began by whispering some sweet words to her ear and holding her hands, while also staring at some of our pictures on her phone. I then knelt down, told her how much I loved her and craved to spend the rest of my life with her. It was then she got the message! In a flash, the whole crew surfaced from hiding and cheered along. I pulled out the ring, asked the question and placed it perfectly on the waiting finger to her uttermost and pleasant amazement! Pictures were taken which ensured the moment would live long in our memories!

– Jindu

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I always knew I was going to marry cuddle, cos he kept on saying it right from the first day. He knew what he wanted and went for it. He defined our relationship from the onset, so I knew he wasn’t in my life for jokes.

I’m a very inquisitive person so surprising me, was quite difficult but he managed to pull it off remarkably without the slightest inch of suspicion on my part. I had expected a low key engagement of just me and him cos he’s more on the quiet side but he proved me wrong.

My sister does this house party every year at her house, where she invites friends, so she called me to tell me about it. Trust me, I didn’t want to carry last, I went to have my hair and nails done. She asked me to invite cuddles which I did. He acted reluctant at first cos there was a football match that weekend. He doesn’t play with his football o. And my parents were around as well so I knew I’d have to prepare something for them.

Then the day came, I was busy cooking for my parents . It was already 7pm on and the party was supposed to start by 7pm .

Cuddles called to find out if I was done and I told him almost, my sister called and was like: where are you guys o! The party has started and everybody is here.

Choi! I had to hurry up o! Quickly did my makeup, my fine hair and nails can’t waste at all, I called cuddles to come pick me and it took him another hour.

I was like na wa for the party today o!

He finally came and we left for my sister’s house, I was busy asking him if I look beautiful, and his reply was *you’re always beautiful Boo* We got inside and I just saw few people already eating and gisting. I turned to my sister and asked: where are the many people na, and you guys were rushing me. He noticed me asking my sis and just smiled.

His phone was just ringing and he would go out to take it. Me, I was busy taking selfies to while away time. I love pictures! He came back and sat beside me, and as usual I was showing him the pictures I took. And in his words “MY BABY IS BEAUTIFUL”. I smiled and said before na.

I noticed he was coming too close to me, while I was busy admiring my pictures. I wanted to say “do you want to enter inside my body?” When I saw he was kneeling down, I started laughing , I noticed flash lights, I raised my head and saw my friends, his friends, my family, his family taking pictures, I was shocked, I didn’t expect it, I was laughing all through and blanked. The only thing I heard was: will you marry me? I’m still asking for him to repeat all the things he said that I didn’t hear *shines teeth*

I’m marrying my best friend. When you meet the right person you won’t sweat it. Things will fall in place.

Loving chijindu is the best thing that has happened to me. He’s my soul mate. I bless God for bringing him into my way. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you CUDDLES!!!

– Bera

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