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How to plan a wedding in Dubai |Get Wedding Ready with Wura Manola

YouTube wedding vlogger, Wura Manola is back with another wedding vlog titled “How to plan a wedding in Dubai“. In this episode, Wura kicks off a series where she discusses how to plan a wedding in various locations. This video is for anyone who is looking to get married in Dubai, already planning a wedding in Dubai or for any future brides and grooms planning their Dubai wedding into existence.

Wura covers types of venues to use in Dubai, getting a wedding planner, the cost of planning a wedding in Dubai, vendors to use for your wedding and activities for your guests. Watch the video below; 

A little excerpt from the vlog

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a major destination wedding hub due to several factors: it is easy to get to from all over the world with lots of direct and connecting flights, low visa/entry requirements. It is home to luxury weddings, beach weddings, Arabian weddings and Indian weddings, it is a beautiful destination with immense culture, lovely beaches and picturesque landscape. Dubai is the perfect starting point for your honeymoon and last but not least, Dubai has a lot to offer for your guests

Important Information

  • Dubai is a Muslim country so it is important to adhere to the culture while out there
  • Dubai has strict alcohol laws so most weddings take place in hotels
  • The best time to get married in Dubai is between October and May, mainly due to the weather 
  • It is best to get legally married in your home country and then celebrate the wedding in Dubai. Only locals and residents can legally get married in Dubai (please research if you fall under this category)

About Wura Manola

Wura Manola is an international wedding and events planner, wedding blogger and wedding stylist! She shares wedding planning tips, advice and inspiration on her website – Get Wedding Ready. For more videos from Wura Manola, subscribe to her channel on YouTube, visit her website – Get Wedding Ready or follow her on Instagram – @getweddingready


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