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OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

We never esperred it. Where did this year go? It feels just like yesterday when we wrote our first post about Nigerian Wedding Trends¬†in 2014. And you know what that means, we’ll be 2 soon – Yayyyyyy (Azonto, Whip nene, Sekem, Alingo, Shakiti bobo and all other dance steps we know)

We’ll be 2 in February 2016 so start sending in your wishes, cards, and gifts – okay ūüôā Anyways, back to the matter.

We thought 2014 was a big year for weddings in Nigeria…. Hmmm well, well, well my brothers and sisters… 2014 ain’t got nothing on 2015… This year has been huuuuuuggggggeeeeeee. Where do we even begin? Is it the fabulous-ity, the extravagance, crazy budgets, the creativity, the hot couples and amazing vendors….

So, because we’re good like that… we’ve decided yet again to sum up this year for you in what we call the top Nigerian wedding trends that rocked 2015 (in no particular order)

Get your popcorn (guguru – add groundnut if you like), a cup of tea, glass of juice/chapman¬†whatever you like and let’s go there…

1) Pre wedding Shoots … still trending¬†

This was a trend last year and this carried on into 2015. We won’t spend too long on this one, catch up HERE if you missed our Nigerian wedding trends in 2014 post. In summary, having pre wedding shoots is now a given in Nigeria. I had a conversation with someone recently and she thought I was from a different planet because I said I didn’t think it was compulsory to have pre wedding shoots. Make of it what you will, it’s still cool and we’ve seen loads of pre wedding shoots we love.

LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Tomi and Tunde FFX Photography5

Couple: Tomi & Tunde | Photography: FFX Photography

Check out our ‘Pre wedding shoots we love‘ board on Pinterest for more.

2)¬†Hashtags …still trending but better¬†

This was actually number 1 on our list last year. This year, Nigerian couples went gangsta with hashtags. In fact, wedding guests helped couples create hashtags (with or without their consent) for those who couldn’t be bothered.¬†A lot of couples even already knew their¬†wedding hashtags right from the proposal. Couples also seem to have moved from the norm – making up the hashtag from the bride and groom’s¬†first name. This year, we saw hashtags like;

We cannot wait to see more creative hashtags in 2016.

3) The Solange Inspired Pose

This should have been number one on this list. I’m not sure why it isn’t. Oh I remember, this list is in no particular order… ūüôā Anyways, ever since Solange Knowles got married to Alan Ferguson, she¬†inspired a lot of wedding trends… #TheCape, #AllWhiteEverything, etc but most of all she inspired what we like to call ‘The Solange Bridesmaid Pose‘. We saw a lot of brides and grooms replicate this¬†pose with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Check out the pictures below

Solange Inspired Pose LoveweddingsNG

The original Solange Bridesmaid pose… Solange Knowles posed with her sister – Beyonce, mum – Tina and friends at her wedding

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Solange Inspired Pose Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG

Bride-to-be and her girls at her bridal shower

Nigerian Solange Inspired Pose LoveweddingsNG

Solange + Olamide “Baddo” Inspired | Photography: Laphy Photography

For more ‘Solange Inspired Wedding Poses’, visit our¬†Pinterest board.

4) Bridesmaids in White

We saw a  lot of bridesmaids wear white this year.

Nigerian Bridesmaids in White Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - LoveweddingsNG

Bridesmaid Dresses: Elvira Jude | Photography: Jide Odukoya Photography

5) Bye Heels, Hello Boots/Sneakers 

Another one that I think should have been number 1. Let’s just forget about the numbering system here.¬†This year, we saw some brides say ‘bye’ to heels. From¬†Nollywood actress – Ivie Okujaiye, who rocked sneakers on her traditional wedding and white wedding to event planner – Asy and many other brides.

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2015 - Bridal Sneakers LoveweddingsNG 1

Photography: Creative Studios

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2015 - Bridal Sneakers LoveweddingsNG

Wedding Planner & 3003 events boss – Asy on her wedding day | Photography: Image Faculty

6) Personalised Coke Cans

Coca-Cola Nigeria decided to introduce personalised coke cans and coke bottles and this sparked off a trend. Couples had personalised coke cans at their wedding, which was pretty cool actually. Remember, they also had the Share a Coke at my wedding competition where the winning couple got 30 cases of personalised Coke cans with their names on it as well as an all expenses paid pre wedding shoot by Jide Odukoya Photography.

Share A Coke with Wifey LoveweddingsNG Wani Olatunde Photography

Share a coke with ‘My Wife’. Tomiwa’s personalised coke can. Photography: Wani Olatunde Photography

Share A Coke with Toju Yori LoveweddingsNG Alakija Photography

Personalised coke cans from #TY2015. Catch up HERE if you missed Toju & Yori’s feature. Photography: Alakija Studios

LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sayo and Tobi Diko Photography6

Sayo & Tobi’s pre-wedding shoot | Photography: Diko Photography

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Share A Coke LoveweddingsNG

From #TeniandSeyi2015

7) Save the date 

This was also on our list last year and just like pre wedding shoots, it went on in 2015. Couples took it up a notch with mugshot inspired save-the-dates,  football themed save-the-dates and more.

Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro Pre wedding LoveweddingsNG5

Couple: Lilian Esoro & Ubi Franklin | Photography: Prince Meyson Photography

Save The Date LoveweddingsNG - TCWedding Photography1

Photography: Tayos Creations

LoveweddingsNG Save The Date Adebayo Deru Photography

Couple: Wura & Ose | Photography: Adebayo Deru Photography

For more ‘Save the Date’, visit our¬†Pinterest board.

8) Music Videos

This year we saw couples make their own music videos. Remember the Nkiru & Patrick’s Golibe traditional wedding video by Samon Films. and Tolani & Ibukun’s pre-wedding video for #IBKTolani2015. Check it out below.

We also loved the Instagram 15 second videos of brides and bridesmaids shooting their own music videos.

Even though things didn’t go as planned we managed to pull this off. I think @toyo_c did it better than @beyonce. Enjoy. @kanyin3

A video posted by Work Hard Play Hard Media (@whphmedia) on

9) Forget tossing my¬†bouquet, I’ll give it to whoever I please

We saw a few brides break the tradition of tossing the bouquet and giving it to someone special – a sister, a friend. We love the idea!!

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bride not tossing bouquet Olori Olawale

Bride – Taiwo didn’t toss her bouquet. She decided to give it to her twin sister | Photography: Olori Olawale Photography

10) Silk floral bridal robes 

Last year, we saw loads of pictures of brides and bridesmaids in bridal robes. This year, while a lot of brides and bridesmaids still wore bridal robes but this time, silk, floral robes seemed to be the in-thing for 2015 brides and their bridesmaids.

Nigerian Wedding Trend - Silk bridal robes Gazmadu Photography LoveweddingsNG 1

Bride: Tayo from #DrandBabyZaga2015 | Photography: Smat Studios

Nigerian Wedding Trend - Silk bridal robes Gazmadu Photography LoveweddingsNG

Photography: Gazmadu Photography

11) Not everytime bridal robes…¬†

Following on from bridal robes to silk floral robes, other brides in 2015 thought ‘not every time bridal robes, sometimes denim, dashiki’s, African prints, dress shirts, etc.

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bride and Bridesmaids in Denim LoveweddingsNG Tap Studios

Renny and her girls | #RennyFloo2015 | Photography: Tap Studios

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bride and Bridesmaids in Dashiki LoveweddingsNG

#WuraOse2015 | Planner: Manolaluxe | Photography: Adebayo Deru Photography

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bride and Bridesmaids in Dress Shirts Olori Olawale

Bridesmaids in dress shirts | Photography: Olori Olawale Photography

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bridal Robes so Yesterday LoveweddingsNG 1

Bride and her bridesmaids in playsuits

More pictures HERE

12) Weekday Weddings 

This year, a lot of couples said ‘I Do’ on weekdays. And we’re not referring to weekdays that were¬†public/bank holidays. Just weekdays as in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This may be something to consider for couples who want to limit the number of wedding guests.

13) Memorable Proposals 

Gone are the days when proposals were either boring, straight-forward or non-existent. In fact, there are now Nigerian companies such as LoveBugs Proposals that specialise in planning the perfect proposal. We love this trend, I mean if you’re going to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you, make it memorable. Check out some proposals planned by our vendor – LoveBugs Proposals in 2015 below.

14) Strictly by Invitation 

In 2015, the Mo Gbo Mo Ya¬†Association of Nigeria (MGMBAN) had major issues. Some couples went all out to point out that ‘Gele does not permit entry’ neither does the very popular Nigerian question – ‘Do you know who I am?’

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Strictly by Invitation LoveweddingsNG 3003 Events

Planner: 3003 Events | Photography: 7th April Photography

Nigerian Strictly by Invitation Lisa and Tomiwa LoveweddingsNG

Lisa & Tomiwa’s Wedding | Planner: Zapphaire Events

15)¬†Lace buba and Iro…

Usually, brides would wear a buba made of lace and the iro (wrapper), ipele (extra piece of material placed over the shoulders) & gele (headtie) would be made from aso-oke. Some 2015 brides decided to go with lace iro & buba’s and sticking with aso-oke for the¬†gele and ipele.

Nigerian Wedding Trend - Lace Iro & Buba LoveweddingsNG 1

Ella’s traditional wedding outfit | Makeup: IPosh Looks¬†

Photography: Modzero

Makeup: Ennieyapha | Photography: Modzero Concepts

16) Aso Oke Buba & Iro 

Other brides decided to go for Aso Oke all through Рbuba, iro, gele 

Nigerian Traditional Aso Oke Bridal Outfit LoveweddingsNG

Photography: Jobi Photography

17) Themed Bridal Showers & Weddings 

Another one from last year’s list. There were a lot of themed bridal showers and weddings this year. See some below;

Onyinye Carter Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG15

Onyinye Carter of MUD & Hair Dome was hosted to a Paris – themed bridal shower

18) Two – in – 1 Wedding Gowns

Rather than having separate gowns for the wedding ceremony and reception, some brides opted for 2 Рin Р1 gowns.

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Two in One Gown April by Kunbi LoveweddingsNG

Chinelo wore a 2-in-1 gown by April by Kunbi

19) Destination Weddings

We recall a number of couples who had their traditional wedding in Nigeria but travelled abroad for the white wedding. Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro had their traditional wedding in Benin and their white wedding in New York. Dr Sid’s sister – Tobor Esiri and her husband – Victor Akinyooye also had their traditional wedding in Nigeria and travelled to Budapest for the white wedding.

GBENRO AJIBADE and OSAS IGHODARO wedding trailer -HD 1080p.wmv from Lanre Forward on Vimeo.

GbenrOsas 2015 Wedding from DJ TUNEZ on Vimeo.

20) Monochrome traditional 

We spotted a lot of brides in the same color from their gele’s (head ties) to wrappers.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding - Wonuola and Mayokun LoveweddingsNG 11

Wonu from #WonuMayokun2015 | Photography: Akintayotimi Photography

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Pictures - Elisabeth and Fabia Diko Photography LoveweddingsNG 13

Traditional bride – Elisabeth | Photography: Diko Photography

21) Awesome Centrepieces

Self explanatory, we think ūüôā

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Centerpieces LoveweddingsNG Wani Olatunde Photography

From Lisa & Tomiwa’s Wedding | Photography: Wani Olatunde Photography

22) Pant Suits/Jumpsuits for the After Party

We’ve been saying it for ages that bridal jumpsuits are in. We still haven’t seen a Nigerian bride walk down the aisle in a jumpsuit/pant suit yet but we sure saw a few brides change into them for the after party in 2015.

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bridal Pant Suits LoveweddingsNG Wani Olatunde Photography

Bride – Lisa changed into a pant suit by CLAN for the after party | Photography: Wani Olatunde Photography

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bridal Jumpsuit LoveweddingsNG

Couple: #DoliGbi2015 | Dolapo Oni changed into a bridal jumpsuit by Lebanese designer – Krikor Jabotian | Picture Credit: Aisle Perfect

23) Bridal Party Army 

Yes… Bridal Party Army. The bridal trains in 2015 were long sha… See what we mean below

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bridal Train Army LoveweddingsNG Bola Sami Photography

Bride – Tola and her bridesmaids | Photography: Bola Sami Photography

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Bridal Train Army LoveweddingsNG Atunbi

Photography: Atunbi Photography

24) Wedding Logos

We also saw a lot of wedding logos. Event planners such as 2706 Events offered wedding logo designs as an add-on service for couples who booked their services. See a few logos we loved in 2015 below.

Nigerian Wedding Logo - Tola Yemi LoveweddingsNG

#TolaYemi‘s wedding logo designed by Abimile Creative

Nigerian Wedding Logos - The Shelles 2015

#TheShelles2015 | Logo designed by 2706 Events

Check out our ‘Wedding Logos’ board on Pinterest for more.

25) Epic Father Daughter Dance 

Fathers did the ‘whip nene’, shoki, etc on their daughters big day this year.

LoveweddingsNG Uche & Tochukwu Rain Vedutti Photography18

Bride – Uche and her dad doing the ‘shoki’

LoveweddingsNG Dr and Baby Zaga White Wedding16

26) Illustrations

We wrote an article in September about why illustrations are uber cool, read it HERE if you missed it. Well, well, well, we think we can say we accurately predicted that this would be a trend or maybe we inspired couples ūüôā Whatever the case, illustrations were definitely IN this year.

Nigerian Wedding Illustration - Ubi Franklin Lilian Esoro Fola David LoveweddingsNG

Iyanya’s wedding gift to Ubi Franklin & Lilian Esoro, catch up HERE if you missed the post

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2015 - Illustrations

Our bride Renny from #RennyFloo2015 | Illustration: Mbondu

For more ‘Wedding Illustrations’, visit our¬†Pinterest board.

That was fun…¬†Pretty long post right?¬†I need a drink?

So… what do you think? Did we¬†miss any trends you noticed this year?

Let us know.¬†Drop Your Comments Below.¬†We might have more volumes… so Stay Tuned…

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