5 Tips for ‘The Nigerian Wedding Money Picker’

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We’ve been thinking of writing this post for aaaggggeeessss… We’re so glad we finally got round to it.

Just in case there’s anyone reading this who doesn’t quite get what this means, let us get the definition out of the way. A money picker at a Nigerian wedding refers to a trusted person (usually female and also a friend of the couple) whose duty it is to make sure every note sprayed is picked up and kept safely in a bag, which will be handed to the couple afterwards.


  • Wear comfy clothes & shoes – You already know you’d be doing a lot of bending down, walking around, going on your knees, etc… so ensure whatever you wear is comfortable and allows you move about freely. For us, wearing heels is just a big ‘No, no’ for health and safety reasons, get some really pretty and fancy sandals that go well with your outfit and save yourself the hassle. Also, don’t wear tight clothes o… hmmm!!! A word is enough for the wise :)
  • Have your money bag ready – and not just any bag, get a fancy one – This is of course assuming you already know this is what you’re going to be spending your day doing. We’ve seen all sorts of bags – poly bags, nylon bags, even ghana must go’s… lol!!! As the money picker, ensure you take time out to look for a really nice bag that’s deep and wide enough to fit in all the money.
  • Be conscious of the photographer & videographer and try to stay out of the pictures as much as possible. There’s nothing more annoying when we look through a couple’s wedding album and we see pictures that are beautiful and capture candid moments but then there’s the ‘money picker in the background.
Nigerian Bride With her Money Bag

The bride from #LolaRin2015 with her Money Bag

  • Don’t give change or become a forex stand – How annoying is it when a wedding guest (usually an Aunt/Uncle, Mummy/Daddy) walks up to you and says can you change money for me??? Errr not really because I’m busy (side eye)! We’ve seen this happenĀ countless times and it’s the most annoying thing ever. Once they see you with the bag, its like ah, lets go and change money and like that’s not enough. They’d start specifying what exactly they want – Only $1, N500, N1000 notes please or only clean/crisp notes… (insert angry emoji)… Just politely tell them ‘No, mummy sorry’
  • Empty your money bag at intervals – Have another bag somewhere that’s zipped up where you can pour all the money into so you don’t get your primary wedding bag too full in between the ceremony. This is also a good idea for security reasons so you don’t have too much cash on you at any particular time. Take advantage of breaks e.g. when the couple are cutting their cake or getting changed. Of course make sure the couple are aware of your plan to avoid any awkward situations. You’d probably be someone they trust anyways so they should trust you right.
  • Don’t steal – We know we said 5 tips but this 6th one is very important… Don’t steal their money. If you do, hmmm the kain curse that will follow you won’t be funny. At a lot of weddings we’ve attended, we’ve seen several bags full turn into only N20,000 at the end of the wedding and we’re like ‘Ah, even if they were spraying N5, it should be more than that, shouldn’t it.

Anyways, let us know. Have you ever been given the ‘money picking task’. How did you handle it and what tips can you share. Leave a comment below.



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