The 500k wedding is possible!

Folashade’s wedding was the bomb!! The decoration was out of this world and oh so glamorous, the food was tasty and the menu was filled with a variety of meals, the waiters just like the ones you find in posh restaurants in Italy or in a 5star hotel in Paris, Her colour combination was catchy and the best I had seen in a long time. Not forgetting the band, you will think you are in the same room with Marvin Gaye or Luther Vandross.
Even Folashade was looking like a goddess. Her hair, makeup, Wedding Dress, nails OMG! She was so gorgeous that it brought a tear or two to my eyes.
Little surprise that her wedding turned out so glam and fabulous; Folashade is blessed with parents who are big wigs in the society. After experiencing all that, I honestly ask myself the million naira questions; will I ever have such a fairytale wedding? Can I ever look as gorgeous as she did? Can my wedding reception decorations be as nice as hers? Hmm what about food ha! My parents are pensioners and they are both old oh! . Between my fiancé and I, all we have is N500,000 budgeted for the wedding, there are also other expenses to think of besides the d day. How do I manage all this?
Indeed there is life after all the spending that comes with the wedding, it is understandable that we all have wants and desires especially for that special day but it is also important to plan based on your pocket.
Weddings are not meant for the show they have been changed to in Nigeria today. Especially amongst the elites, it has become a competition and an opportunity to show off their wealth. It may be surprising to note that you can have a beautiful wedding with only 500k in Nigeria, without running into debts or putting a dent in your pocket. All you need do is cut down on all the unnecessary stuff by setting your priorities on the important things and STICK TO THE BUDGET!
Planning a wedding is one of the most important tasks a bride or groom will have to handle, even when working with a wedding planner. It comes with the excitement, joy and thrills but is also something that can get you worked up and worried if everything about the wedding is not properly taken care of. In a case where all you have is 500k, many will ask, how can you have a glamorous, stylish and classy wedding that you will remember forever, without milking yourselves dry of funds?
Here are few tips on how you can successfully go about it without shooting yourself in the leg.
1. Stick to your budget! : be determined about your budget, do not waiver, a lot of things would look very attractive to you especially after attended some friend’s wedding such as a top musician coming to perform, a mobile bar with all the exotic drinks on display or the beautiful marquee used as the reception. Wait and think it through before you take that loan or do anything on credit. A wedding party is an investment with no gain. If all you have is 500k please stick to it and don’t spend a kobo more. Shikena!
2. Minimize your guest list: One of the major factors that determine the budget of a wedding is the number of guests. This plays a crucial role in picking a hall and decoration, the budget for food and drinks, souvenirs and goodie bags (if you have to) and sometimes it even determines the charges of the DJ. If all you have is N500,000 then you need to start plan for properly trimmed guest list of between 50-100 people. You might think I am kidding with the figure I just proposed, but I assure you as long as you don’t put up your invite on Facebook or send out any invitations to people you do not plan for it a sure thing. If they are not family members and your closest friends they don’t have to be there.
3. Prioritize and have a realistic checklist: Have a comprehensive checklist on all it takes to have a wedding ceremony. Then set priority based on what gives you joy and will leave pleasant memories years after the wedding party. You can develop a chart to indicate the percentage of the budget allocated for each item on the list on a scale of 100%.
• Venue – 15%
• Catering – 18%
• Make up – 2%
• Photography/Video- 7%
• Entertainment – 10%
• Brides Wardrobe – 13%
• Grooms Wardrobe – 8%
• Decoration – 12%
• Wedding Rings – 5%
• Invitation/Programs – 4%
• Miscellaneous – 6%
Do a rough estimate based on the percentage allocated to each item, and this will give you an idea on what to spend on what.

The 500k wedding

In order to achieve this successfully you need to employ the services of an event consultant who will put you through and help out in recommending seasonal and professional vendors, who are flexible enough to work with your budget. A wedding consultant who has being in this wedding business and knows how to play ball, will be able to help out in the proper allocation of your bills.
Many blissful couples enter the meat-grinder known as the wedding industry completely unprepared; without research and planning proper within their budgets. Planning a wedding on a 500k budget is perfectly realistic. It should be a rewarding experience that will provide memories for a lifetime. And for the faint of heart, there is always Plan B: elope!
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