How to write the best wedding vows: 2024 guidelines

Congratulations! You are getting married! You have researched wedding venues to consider in Lagos , you have your wedding colors , bouquet arrangements and a list of 200 reel ideas to recreate on your big day but, the sheet where you vows should be is blank, and as clear as the heart of Christ.

If this is you, we hear you and we are here to help you write the best wedding vows ever.

Guidelines for writing the perfect vows

  1. Take us down memory lane and be specific with the details

Nothing sells emotions like a story, taking your partner down memory lane and how you felt when you met is a beautiful opener to your wedding vows. Share sweet details like what piqued your interest about your partner, was it love at first sight for you? Don’t forget to include when you knew he/she was the one.

2. Communicate what you love about your partner and relationship

Be completely honest about how your partner makes you feel and hone in on specific things that makes your heartbeat faster about your partner even the little things: be as granular as possible.

3. Add a little bit of humor

Humor makes everything 100% better, input lighthearted humor in your wedding vows to bring a smile to your partners face. Try to make the jokes simple, avoid inside jokes that would leave the audience confused and only a few people will understand.

4. Add clear, heartfelt promises

Amidst all the lovely tales and sweet words in your vows, never lose sight of the main point: make sure to include clear promises, these are the heart of wedding vows and they are what really matter.

5. Be simple

Avoid using complex vocabulary and sentences, no one wants to have google constantly opened while you are reading your wedding vows. Make it simple, heartfelt and impactful.

Here is a classic example of a wedding vow following these guidelines – click here to view

What is a good way to practice your wedding vows?

The best way to practice your vows is to constantly read them out loud multiple times until it becomes part of you.


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