Bridal Hand Gloves – Nah or Yay

Wedding Gloves

I remember while growing up and attending weddings, brides wore gloves which looked like the type I wore during inter house sport day in school. If you were a classy bride then you wore the lace gloves but suddenly ‘poof’ no more gloves.

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I am not just been nostalgic about gloves  because I liked them in fact I just felt it was wrong on brides (worse on grooms)although I was still young to have had ‘The Style intuition’ I just want them to have a come back already.

But a classy jazzed up kind of come back or am I the only one thinking ‘gloves’? 2014 is still very young and I would like to see brides incorporate  gloves as part of their bridal accessories. But this timegloves with your ‘second dress’ which was a huge trend for brides in 2013 rather than with your wedding dress.


The second dress and hand gloves is for brides who want to take that daring and edgy move to look extra glamorous and sexy. That Marilyn Monroe kind of classy look. After all its your wedding and you can wear whatever pleases you and your man would not take his eyes off you including other men (giggling).

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So brides what is it going to be Nah or Yay for hand gloves in 2014?. If eventually you try it and it becomes trendy, remember you read it first here, you are a trend setter and ultimately a true fashionista.

– With ❤from the Glam Madame (GM)

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