Movie Review: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

knocking on heaven's door Loveweddingsng

So he plays the keyboard and you sing

Both of you attend the same church

You’re both in the choir

He’s a fine boy, you’re a hot babe

So you’re thinking, I’ve found THE ONE

He must be THE ONE

Think again Love, there’s more to being THE ONE than you know

So I decided to watch this movie on iROKOtv and boy o boy, I’m glad I did. I haven’t been this excited about a movie for a very long time and rightly so.

knocking on heaven's door Loveweddingsng3


Debbie (Adesua Etomi) is a beautiful singer with a heavenly voice. Married to the handsome and charismatic Moses (Blossom Chukwujekwu) she was the envy of many. She however harbours a dark secret …. she is being physically and emotionally abused by her husband Moses. Can she be saved by her knight in shining armour, Tom (Majid Michel) or will she be consumed by the machinations of Brenda (Ini Edo) the inquisitive journalist who will stop and nothing to see that she extracts her pound of flesh?

  • Starring: Adesua Etomi, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Majid Michel, Ini Edo-Ehiagwina, Lelee Byoma, Evaezi and others
  • Produced by Emem Isong & Ini Edo
  • Directed by Desmond Elliot.

Watch the Teaser HERE and the Trailer HERE.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door


We know LoveWeddingsNG is all about weddings, happy endings, etc but we’re not oblivious to the fact that many people are in marriages they totally regret entering into. One of the most common reasons why a lot of people are unhappy in their marriages today is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

Can I just say here and now that LoveweddingsNG is totally against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and we believe it is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances.

Domestic Violence is a very touchy subject and I totally get it. It’s one of these things where I think until you’re in that situation, you don’t really know what it’s like. I’ve heard many people say things like ‘If he dares lift a finger, that’s the end of our marriage’, others say ‘In fact once I hear that he starts raising his voice, I no fit’. As much as I can relate/understand that, I have also met women and men (brilliant, intelligent, educated, etc) who are stuck in marriages where domestic violence is rife and just can’t leave. There’s a hope they cling on to that things will get better one day, someday. So I’m very careful about this topic and I think we should all be too.

However, back to the movie. So this movie (in fact), I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’d try not to tell you a lot, I’d just give my analysis but make sure you watch it, it was worth my time and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Actually, let me give you an idea, watch this movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance/fiancee or partner and watch how they react and just have CALM conversations in between about your views on different scenes, trust me it is a very good idea. All that glitters is not gold o, my dear readers… When you hear someone who is educated, well spoken, smart, etc say things like ‘Well she deserved to be beaten, how can she talk to her husband like that’, then well (what can I say).

I think watching movies like this is a very good opportunity for couples to learn a lot about each other. We all have different views, we all hail from different backgrounds so we understand things differently. You might have had a bad childhood, perhaps your parents fought daily, that is not an excuse for you to beat your wife/husband. I mean you once loved him/her, what changed?

The cast of this movie did an amazing job. I’ve always loved Majid Michel so I was not surprised at all. He always delivers. Nollywood watch out… Adesuwa Etomi is here… This chic is the bomb… I see her taking over very very soon. Blossom Chukwujekwu, amazing actor. To be honest, he’s one of the people I look out for before deciding whether or not to bother watching a movie. All the movies he’s been in so far have been amazing.

It’s very rare for me to watch a Nigerian/African movie and focus not only on the actors/actresses. Most times I just switch off for reasons I will keep to myself but in this movie, I could actually see and hear professionalism at its best. The soundtrack, editing, continuity, directing, everything was so clean. The cast and crew really did a good job.

Team Emem Isong, Desmond Elliot and Ini Edo-Ehiagwina, I’m loving these three… More movies like this one please. Thank You

Now to The But’s ….

I only had minor but’s with this movie so I’d just mention a few.

Product Placement

For those who don’t know, product placement can be defined as ‘any form of audiovisual commercial communication consisting of the inclusion of or reference to a product, a service or the trade mark thereof so that it is featured within a movie, program, etc.’ Its a very popular marketing strategy used by a lot of brands. However in many Naija movies, we have turned product placements into placing products ‘IN YOUR FACE’.

Lets not forget the main reason anyone is spending their time watching your movie is because they are interested in the story, cast, production, etc. If you have to place a product somewhere in between all this, please place it in its natural habitat. For example, in this movie, look where they placed a box of tissues/wipes (I’m not even sure what they were) in a car. If you don’t see anything wrong then maybe something’s wrong with me o… Please tell me because I’d really like to know.

Second but was where fine boy Majid decided to sing too. The ad lib just didn’t work, I think they could have gotten a voice closer to Majid’s and there were parts where the music went faster so it was very obvious he wasn’t the one singing.

But otherwise, a very very good movie and we recommend this.

Let us know what you think


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