Shar Oke – Sale: Get these fantastic beads for less

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Shar Oke, one of our vendors is on sale!!! This is your opportunity to upgrade your beads collection with some real trendy and unique pieces. See pictures of the items on sale below;

Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng4
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng5
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng6
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng7
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng8
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng9
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng1
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng2
Shar Oke Sale
Shar Oke Sale Loveweddingsng3
Shar Oke Sale

For inquiries and prices, contact Shar Oke; email: Phone number: 08176842314 

About Shar Oke 

Shar Oke, a line inspired by Sharon’s modern take on rich culture and today’s jewelry, tailored to suit each individual. Her vision is to create statement pieces that appeal a variety of women.
With an instinctive eye for color and her attention to detail, Shar kicks you out of the box and separates you from the norm. Her pieces are versatile and allow you to transition well and work with anything in your wardrobe. The line showcases jewelry with hundreds of crystals, swarovski, semi precious pearls and high quality gemstones.
Everything is handmade by Sharon unless otherwise stated so be confident and rest assured that no one else will be wearing the exact same piece as you!


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