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Anu and Damola met through a mutual friend – Tobi and as they say the rest is history. The couple shared their story and pictures from their pre-wedding shoot and court wedding, which took place on the 28th of February 2014 with us. Enjoy!!!

How We Met

Big smile… I met Adedamola at my friend’s house (Tobi Olusanya) two days before I traveled out for my MSc. Tobi told Adedamola that his friend – Anu (me) was also travelling to the UK for her masters and that he (Adedamola) and I should add each other on Facebook. The friendly part of me didn’t object to this since I was everyone’s friend.

At that time, we were both seeing other people so we were more or less ‘hello, hi’ friends. We were just brother and sister in the Lord .. lol but I was the one always advising Adedamola on how to go about ‘toasting’ a girl and also how to understand her. You know, when you feel like the expert match maker without knowing you’re actually match making yourself. Hahhahahahah!!!

The phone calls from Damola started from once a week to twice a week. I can’t even remember what we used to speak about. I just know that we always spoke late into the night with me always sleeping off with him on the phone. I can say that he sang me lullabies until I slept off. Lol. My friend’s used to tease me and ask ‘Are you sure he is just your friend?’

Now fast forward to his birthday. We went out as friends but returned as lovers. Then six months down the line, he proposed and here we are, ready to spend forever together. God indeed blessed me with the most beautiful soul. Looking forward to spending forever with you

– Anu

I met Anu at a friend’s place (Tobi) and he introduced her to me as a friend who was about to start her masters program in the same country I was intending to do mine. Little did I know, I had just met the bone of my bones. We kept in touch though a little sparingly at first as we progressed through our masters year. She was a very good friend and encouraged me to take life changing steps when I was faced with difficult decisions. I even got relationship advice from her. After completing our masters program, we stopped communicating for a bit as I left the country for further training elsewhere.

Whilst I was away on training, Tobi (a great guy by the way), the same one who introduced me to her, kept asking me about her. He wanted to know if we still kept in touch. I did not have her contact details at the time so I had to get in touch with her via Facebook. We continued our friendship for more than a year speaking at least once a week, which later turned into twice a day and later, at every opportunity.

I asked her out on a date to explore a historical building with me after which I asked her out. I got a Yes! A resounding Yes!! That was the beginning of our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. However, 6 months down the line, on my way from the airport after returning from a 2 week trip during which we barely spoke as we had grown accustomed to. I told her I was tired of our current relationship and that I wanted something better than the current relationship (boyfriend – girlfriend thing). I could see her face fluster with anger and clouds of tears were gathering. Then I asked her if she’d be my wife?…

The answer to that question has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. The words I have cannot express how much I love you Anu

– Damola


LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola5 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola4 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola3 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola2 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola6LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola18LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola8 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola7 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola12LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola13LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola1 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and DemolaLoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola11LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola10 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola9LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola14 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola15 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola16LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola17LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola22 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola23LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola19 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola20 LoveweddingsNG PreWedding Anu and Demola21

Court Wedding

LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola12 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola13LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola26LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola29 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola1 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola8 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola7 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola6 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola5LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola2 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola18 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola20 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola19LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola3 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola4LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola9 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola10 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola11LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola17 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola16 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola15LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola23LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola24LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola21 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola25LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola22LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola30 LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola31LoveweddingsNG Court Wedding Anu and Demola28


  • Photography: Akor Opaluwah

Court Wedding

  • Venue: St. David’s Hall Cardiff
  • Photography: Akor Opaluwah
  • Bride’s Hair: Charis Hair
  • Bride’s Dress: House of Fraser

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