Pictures from the President’s Daughter – Ine’s Bridal Shower

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President Goodluck Jonathan’s daughter – Ine’s traditional wedding held last weekend in Bayelsa. Remember we told you Kokie’s World of Gifts put together the souvenirs for Ine’s bridal shower, catch up HERE if you missed it.

Kokies World of Gifts LoveweddingsNG1

The bride wore a white dress with an embellished neckline and a tiara and sash. Her friends all wore white as well. See pictures from her bridal shower, which took place recently below;

Ine President Jonathans Daughter Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNGIne President Jonathans Daughter Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG2 Ine President Jonathans Daughter Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG3 Ine President Jonathans Daughter Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG4Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG8 Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG7 Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG6 Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG5Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG3 Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG10Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG4

Ine President Jonathans Daughter Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG1Ine Jonathan Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG9

Picture Credit: Instagram

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