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Remember Chris & Joanne, we featured their proposal last year, catch up HERE if you missed it. They were one of the first proposal features we had on this website. Their wedding is set to hold on the 24th of May, 2015 in Los Angeles, California

The couple recently am LA themed pre-wedding shoot and shared their lovely pictures with us.


Pre-Wedding Shoot 

To Live and Love in LA!!

Nigerian-born/ American-raised Joanne Udeochu is preparing to marry love Chris Tillman on Memorial Day weekend, May 24th, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Joanne and Chris have been dating for over 6 years and in April 2014 he proposed to her and they are now getting set for their fabulous LA wedding!

This photo shoot portrays the concepts of their urban and chic Los Angeles lives and love story. The pictures were taken on November 2, 2014.

The formal piano shoot was taken at Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA; Chris is a singer and musician and wanted to capture this in their photos. This shoot is for the romantic and elegant side of our relationship.

The park shoot was for the couples playful and laid back side.

The rooftop shoot was taken in downtown Los Angeles with the city skyline behind them. They met and live in Los Angeles and wanted to display their love for one another with the love their city.


LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris1 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris12LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris9LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & ChrisLoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris6LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris3LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris7LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris2LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris8 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris4

LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris5LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris10 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris11 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris14LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Joanne & Chris4


  • Photographer: Luc-Richard Photography | Instagram
  • Joanne’s hair: Njideka Duruhesie | Instagram
  • Dress: Virgos Lounge
  • T-shirts: The Ivory’s

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