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The couple – Oluchi & Malechi with Vivian of LovivaENT

Hello people, we’re still celebrating!!!

Someone asked me ‘What date in February is this your anniversary sef?’ and I was like ‘Abeg, the entire month jare’. It’s difficult to pick a date because of the way it all started so I’ve made the executive decision (wink) that LoveweddingsNG will celebrate it’s anniversary for the whole of February every year. Can I get an AMEN!!! Okay, back to the post…

When I decided to start LoveweddingsNG, I spotted a gap in the market and all I wanted to do was fill that gap but I can’t believe how big this is becoming… It’s overwhelming actually. One of the many different things I get to do that excites me is meeting vendors. I just love the opportunity to meet someone else who’s passionate about something and help them showcase this to as many people as they’d like.  I’ve met so many fantastic people – too many to mention.

I woke up one morning and I was like ‘I need to reach out to some new vendors’ and that’s how I came across LovivaENT – one of our vendors. I got this mail yesterday from LovivaENT and thought to share it with you all.

Maluchi 2015 LoveweddingsNG5
Oluchi & Malechi’s Wedding Decor by LovivaENT

#Maluchi2015 “Client Turned Friend”…

It all started with my first article on LoveweddingsNG, which was published on the 15th of November 2014. I remember writing the article and praying to God that it would be good enough to read let alone be published and yes my prayers were answered thanks to Seyi once again.

I got so much recommendation from the write up but one BBM invite changed it all.

I started talking to Oluchi and she seemed like a bride who knew what she wanted from every vendor. She picked all her vendors from food to drink suppliers to wedding dress, asoebi suppliers to photography and Makeup Artists from the best group. By that evening we had agreed on budget and ideas for her decor without even meeting and I even admired how she carried her fiancé along every step of the way as opposed to some brides who will just dictate what they want….LOL

We finally met at the wedding venue on one of her visits to Lagos, oh did I tell you she wasn’t based in Lagos? I always get brides in diaspora (both Naija and obodo oyinbo) and that means they trust you enough to actualize their ideas even when they are not present and all transactions are done over the phone. In Oluchi’s case, late night loooooonnnnnggg phone calls that will make you wonder if she ever sleeps. During this time, we grew fond of each other and it wasn’t just a Business – Customer relationship. Most times it was as if we knew the right time to call each other.

As the date drew closer, I found myself doing things that I’d do for my sister, going the extra mile, sacrificing more without any returns. All I wanted was the smile of satisfaction on her face. I remember how she almost cried when we succeeded in getting her to her surprise bridal shower (Thanks to Emem, Malechi and Soso on this one).

Maluchi 2015 LoveweddingsNG3
Bridal Shower: Bride – Oluchi with Vivia of LovivaENT
Maluchi 2015 LoveweddingsNG
Oluchi’s Bridal Shower

I learnt a lot from this couple but the most important thing I learnt is “friendship in Love is the sweetest”. I wish my new friends the longest Union Filled with blessings and success.

And I want to thank everyone who came together to make this event a success, you are the true superheroes. Special thanks to Shina Amusan for capturing beautiful moments of the Event.

With Love…

How nice 🙂

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If you missed Oluchi & Malechi’s prewedding post, catch up HERE. Whilst we wait for the official pictures, here are some pictures from their lovely wedding

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Picture Credit: Shina Amusan | LovivaENT

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