Lamide Akintobi’s AMVCA 2015 Look | Bridal Inspiration

Lamide Akintobi AMVCA 2015 LoveweddingsNG1

We brought you all the #RedCarpettoAisle pictures from the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2015. So far, we’ve featured Oreka Godis’ stunning bridal look, Maria Okan’s wedding guest look. Today, the spotlight is on Lamide Akintobi… Again, her dress, makeup, everything was just so beautiful.


Lamide Akintobi AMVCA 2015 LoveweddingsNGAMVCA - Lamide Akintobi LoveweddingsNG Lamide Akintobi AMVCA 2015 LoveweddingsNG1AMVCA - Lamide Akintobi LoveweddingsNG1 AMVCA - Lamide Akintobi LoveweddingsNG2 AMVCA - Lamide LoveweddingsNG


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