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5 minutes with Tolu Sholanke LoveweddingsNG

‘5 Minutes with…’ is a series of short interviews with some of the esteemed vendors listed on our directory. We get to know the brilliant people behind the brands we love. So far, we’ve met some amazing makeup artists, photographers, bakers, DJ’s, gift/souvenir suppliers, bead makers and bridal gown suppliers amongst many others. Today, we meet Tolu Sholanke of Tolu Sholanke Productions.

Tolu Sholanke is a photographer/videographer and the founder of Tolu Sholanke Productions. He’s also a husband, father and qualified lawyer.

Tolu Sholanke LoveweddingsNG
Tolu Sholanke

Your Brand In Three Words … Creative, colorful & unique

The Part of My Job I Enjoy The Most … Eating different types of jollof rice every Saturday 😀

My Biggest Accomplishment To Date … Releasing two movies (Them&US and A Few Good Men)

The Best Vendor You’ve Worked With … Akintayotimi – he’s an awesome guy

One Quality Every Nigerian Wedding Vendor Must Have and Why

A great and helpful personality. Weddings are stressful enough as they are, no need to add to it.

In my Spare Time, I love to watch movies, I always try and find time to keep up with all the latest releases.

Photography: Tolu Sholanke Productions

Interesting Fact about You

I’m a comic book geek, I think I know the origin story of every comic book hero out there 😀

What Songs Are Currently on Replay

  • Photograph – Ed Sheeran
  • Chandelier – Sia
  • Rap God – Eminem

What Book are you currently reading, or what was the last book you read?

Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini

Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini
Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini

Call or Text… Text any day anytime

Cook or Be Cooked For? Cooked for o. Thank God my wife is an awesome chef

3 Guests For Dinner, who would they be?

  • Quinton Tarantino
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • James Wan

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UPDATE: Tolu Sholanke Productions rebranded in March 2016 and are now WeJustGotBack (WJGB) Productions 

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