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Today, we meet Theo & Alex, who are getting married next year. The couple started their journey from college and grew to becoming good friends before they developed their relationship. Read their story and view pictures from their pre-wedding shoot with Bola Sami Photography below.


The Proposal

The proposal was everything I could ever have imagined and more.

Wow, where do I begin?

We went on a two weeks family holiday to Cuba. It was a few days into the holiday, on Saturday 7th September at approximately 6.45pm to be precise. Alex, Isaac and I were picked up by a bellboy and taken to the beach. We arrived to the beach, only to find out that Alex had hired a private beach hut, (the only beach hut in the resort might I add) private chef accompanied with a butler.

After watching the most beautiful and captivating sunset, we were treated to an exquisite 4-course meal, which was freshly prepared in our presence. An hour into our fine dining and flowing conversations, Alex suddenly gets on one knee… I was then presented with the “official” ring. He asked if I would become Mrs Wright, he took of the ring he had got me sometime back, but it wasn’t an engagement ring, and whilst gazing into my eyes he slid on the most elegant and prettiest ring I have ever set my eyes on.

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As you can imagine, I was in complete shock and in total awe of what had just taken place, at this point I was fighting back the tears, I was already feeling so overwhelmed and emotional, only for three singers to suddenly appear within seconds which he had also made arrangements for, they started singing love songs. All that kept running through my head was that “can you get any better than this”? There I was trying to keep it together, that was all I needed to set me off!

Alex had arranged all this behind my back without me knowing!! It gets better…. Alex also went out of his way to design my ring, which is only exclusive to me! My ring is everything, purely because it was made to the specifications with me in mind; you won’t find another out there, something similar but not my ring. Apparently he spent many of his lunch breaks walking up and down Hatton Gardens, ironically it was one of the last of the shops he went into, was the one who he felt understood his vision and could bring it to reality.

I was also presented with the certificate for my diamonds and insurance for my ring. Smiling like a cheesier cat, I suddenly thought oh no, Alex did you speak to anyone about this? He said “Fi relax”, he had secretly been in contact with my family for their blessing. I thought oh really, and they kept something as big as this away from me? In a nutshell, the proposal was so romantic and took place on the shores of the biggest Caribbean Island, Cuba.

Cuba, will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons, I often refer to it as paradise. I feel so blessed and thankful for God’s divine favour that he is continuously bestowing on to me, I couldn’t ask for much more and the fact that our precious son was part on the whole experience makes it even more so special.

– Theodora (Bride)

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Theodora and I met back in the year 2000 at sixth form whilst doing our A-Levels, as I was new to the college she was one of the first friendly faces I came across. As a result of that, we grew to become really good friends and develop a relationship from there on.

As with most guys I resisted marriage for a number of years happy to continue as things were, after all “if it ain’t broke…”, but as with all things worth keeping you must make a notable commitment. We’ve been blessed a beautiful son, and we’re sure there are many more blessings to be had with the sacrament of marriage.

The process of marriage is not one to undertake lightly, the preparation and organisation can turn even the most levelheaded bride, into a tsunami of irrationality. In large I advise any groom to play the supporting role for prep of the big day, ultimately none of the big decisions will be made by you anyway, but be seen to be supportive and engaged, it goes a long way. Ultimately it’s guaranteed to be a fantastic day for the special couple, so always keep that in mind!

Uniquely for our times at the age of 31, I’ve been with Theo for some 15 years, now let me tell you…. It’s not always been easy we’ve endured many adversities, challenges and hardships, during that time. But the solution’s in the statement, “we’ve” loved, shared, consoled, encouraged & motivated one another, never conceding defeat or failure. If I had only one piece of advise I could offer for a success full relationship that would be it. Endure!

Theo is a wonderful mother as well as life partner, she is loving, thoughtful, dutiful and dedicated more than any husband could desire. Her humility towards her family is second to none, with nothing or no one taking precedent over their needs.

As an alpha red-blooded male, I’m looking forward to “Greater enjoyment” of the soon to be Mrs Wright! But in all seriousness it enables growth & prosperity of our relationship & family, in the presence of and with the blessing of The Almighty, through God all things are possible. We both have so many dreams & goals we want to achieve together, our marriage gives us that platform on which to build them.

– Alex (Groom)

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