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I feel specially excited when I get calls from brides or couples booking me to coordinate their “D-day” because it means now we get it!!!

Thanks to all the wedding social media pages out there – brides now know that no matter how much you put into planning your wedding yourself, you must hire someone to coordinate and put all the puzzle together.??

Now it’s time for the main partyyy!!????

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The first thing I think about when I hear the words “Wedding Coordination” is how to create an atmosphere where people can come in without tension, relax and have a good time. I have three magic words and they are Serenity, Relaxation and Fun.

The Coordinator’s job, for me, begins way before the day of the event and it doesn’t necessarily have to be planning because I’ve seen people confuse these two (coordination & planning) even though they go hand-in-hand most times. A good planner gets you the best deals from vendors and also offers available discounts on Aso Ebi, venue, food, drinks, etc… but a good coordinator is there to make sure all the pieces fit together to make an awesome party. So you should never hire a planner who is not a good coordinator. Some brides can still plan their wedding (stressful as it is) but cannot coordinate.

On-the-day event coordination is when you get to play “mini host” to all your guests and you must understand there are no “unimportant” guests because every invited guest – big or small – is important to your client but you must understand the importance of balance.

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LovivaENT Hostesses

In making sure all the piece of the puzzle fits together, all vendors must be in sync for the couple’s plan to be actualized, the atmosphere should be receiving to all their guests and that’s where my hardworking hostesses come in. Imagine a guest who walks into a venue and there is no one to make him/her feel welcome, that’s just like having on a beautiful dress with no accessories to match….?. The hostesses are there at your beck and call to make your partying experience a memorable one.

A good coordinator needs to have the“I’ve got this” attitude because I assure you things will always come up last minute and you must be prepared to handle them without stressing your client out.

The last thing any bride wants to hear on her wedding day is “people have not eaten” or the cake hasn’t arrived. That alone can dampen her spirit which in turn rubs off on the groom because we all know when the bride is unhappy, the groom is unhappy or vice versa.

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So as we are officially in wedding season, I want to wish all the intending couples a memorable celebration and if you need to give your event that special feel, call on me…. I’m here for you. *Winks*



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