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The Dab!! The Latest Trending Pose at Nigerian Weddings

Ebuka Obi - Uchendu Cynthia Obianodo White Wedding LoveweddingsNG - Dab After Party
Photography: George Okoro Weddings

First, it was the Solange Bridesmaid Pose, now its the DAB. Trust us Nigerians to make a ‘pose’ trend. According to Wikipedia, The DAB is a simple dance move or gesture where a person drops their head into the bent crook of a slanted, upwardly angled arm while raising the opposite arm out straight in a parallel direction. Phewww!!! 

This is definitely something we’ve seen almost at every Nigerian wedding since 2015 and its stayed on in 2016; everyone’s doing the DAB. We’ve pulled together pictures of Nigerian brides, grooms, grooms men, brides maids, wedding guests, etc. doing the dab.


Couple: #FolAkin16 | Planner: TrendyBEE Events
Photo: Ijalana Oke
Photo: Caramel Photos
Osy & Michael (#OsyME2017) | Photo: Euclase Photography | Coordinator: Iwalewa Ventures
Photography: Photography by Abi
Photography: Ben Komolafe Photography
Photography: Glintz Photography
Photography: Xtian
Photography: Damilola Onafuwa Weddings (DO Weddings)
Nigerian Engagement Shoot - Ginika and Okey LoveweddingsNG 12
Photography: Lemmy Vedutti Photography
Nigerian Engagement Shoot - Emmanuel and Nnena LoveweddingsNG HB Pixels 3
Photography: HB Pixels
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 6
Nigerian Wedding #ElAmie2016 Amelia and Elaye LoveweddingsNG DO Weddings 9
Photography: Damilola Onafuwa (DO Weddings)
Nigerian Bridal Shower - Ginika Okolie #GiiOkey2016 LoveweddingsNG 7
Photography: Lemmy Vedutti Photography
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 1
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 2
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 3
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 4
Nigerian Wedding Oya DAB LoveweddingsNG 5

We welcome predictions about what the next Nigerian Wedding trending pose will be… Leave a comment below


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