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Adebusola and Adeolu are getting married soon; the couple shared their love story and pictures from their engagement shoot with Ijalan Oke with us.


Our story

We met at a beauty salon 12 years ago, which happens to be in the same building I was residing in back in my school days – “Small World Hall.” While the hair stylist was making braiding a pretty young lady’s hair, I walked into the salon. I set my eyes on this cute lady; she was cool, calm and very collected and this made it impossible to ignore her so I decided to sit back and enjoy the view.

Fortunately, she needed someone to help pass a magazine to her and I seized that opportunity, which eventually gave me the opportunity to say “hi” to her and she said “thank you”. Her voice was so tender and sweet, which made me feel I wouldn’t let her go. I immediately introduced myself to her and she slowly responded. As I tried to continue having conversations with her, she pleaded that I let her be while she flipped through the pages of the magazine.

After she was done making her hair; it was time to pay her bill. I brought out my wallet to pay and she quickly reached into her purse and told me not to bother and thanked me as she paid. I said in my mind “witch“. As she stepped out of the salon, I rushed after her, held her hand and begged for just a lunch  date (imagine!!!); she turned me down. I requested for her address but she didn’t oblige; rather, she gave me the address of where she usually went to read.

Eventually, I found out we stay on the same street; I ensured we became friends. She played hard to get but I never gave up because I love her personality so much. Well, one thing led to the other and weeks went by; months later, we were finally both in love to notice anyone else! But I must confess, Adebusola was very difficult, strong headed and disciplined at times, she dictated the pace of our love as she was fragile and homely. I had to convince her that I was a guy she could trust and confide in. Now the rest is history and I am glad I am spending the rest of my life with this lovely soul as we countdown to our wedding day.

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  • Photography: Ijalana Oke assisted by Oladele Olanipekun
  • Makeup: Tanas Makeover
  • Planner: T_Royal Apperal


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