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Seun and Timmy are set to say ‘I Do’ soon. The couple shared their love story and pictures from their pre-wedding shoot with Nigerian wedding photographer – RareMagic Gallery.

Read all about #SeunTimmy2016 below;

How we met

We met everyday at the bus park on our way to the office. At first, it was just normal, we never even spoke to each other. But over time (after we noticed we saw each other every morning), we started with ‘Good Morning’. Over time, it changed to “How was your night”, “How’s your family”. It got to a stage when we checked up on each other whenever we didn’t see the other person on a working day. Our friendship developed and we became close.

So I asked for her phone number; she gave it to me without hesitation. I started calling and we started meeting up and going out on dates. Over time, I asked her out and after lots of questioning, she finally agreed and we started dating.

– The Groom

The Proposal

On Valentine Day this year, we went to church together after service. He asked that we go to his house for lunch; I had no idea my sister and my closest friend were waiting for me at his place, which was all decorated with flowers and lights. We got to his house and I was amazed when I saw my sister and my friends. I was busy asking why the place was so colorful. The moment I suspected he wanted to propose, he did; he went on his knees and asked me to marry him. With joy in my heart, I SAID YES.

I feel so fulfilled with him, he’s too perfect for me and I love him very much

– The Bride

nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsngnigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-2 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-3 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-4 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-5 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-6 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-7 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-8 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-11 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-12 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-13 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-14 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-15 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-16 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-17 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-18 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-19 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-9 nigerian-prewedding-shoot-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-10

White Wedding

nigerian-bride-and-bridesmaids-in-robes-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsngnigerian-bride-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng nigerian-bride-and-bouquet-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng nigerian-groom-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng nigerian-groom-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-bride-and-bridesmaids-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng nigerian-bride-and-groom-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng-1nigerian-bride-and-groom-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsngnigerian-couple-and-bridal-train-seun-and-timmy-raremagic-gallery-loveweddingsng

Congrats #SeunTimmy2016


  • Photography: Rare Magic Gallery | Instagram
  • Makeup: Busola Sewa
  • Bride’s Gown: Swalek Bridals
  • Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bespoke Concept
  • Suits: Crossroads Clothing


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