How Small Doctor’s “Penalty” made me see the light!! | Dara’s Corner

This week’s episode of Dara’s Corner is all about being a bridesmaid and the dance floor. In case you don’t know who Dara is, let’s get you acquainted.

  • Name: OluwadarasimiLopoLopo Mabadeje (call me ‘Dara’)
  • Age: 29 (always and forever 29 – will be 30 when married)
  • Status: Single
  • Relationship Status: Thank God for Facebook ‘It’s Complicated’
  • Searching Status: Always Searching (eyes will be single after the ring)
  • Complexion: Half – Lupita + Half – Toyin Tomato = Caramel

Dancing at weddings? Pass!

A self acclaimed critic like myself will rather sit, watch, laugh with my iPhone capturing memories for my Snapchat fam and Instafam. Besides not being able to compete with the dancers who show off their skills marvellously, the thought of sweating with my N15,000 makeup is a big turn off for me. I have attended a good number of weddings but I’m still the lady that sways  awkwardly to the beats while others get down low.

My big break was at Emeka and Kemi’s wedding ceremony (#Kemeka). I was a bridesmaid for the umpteenth time. Kemi knew I was not one to dance and I made it clear to her.

During the procession into the reception hall, Tunde and I murdered Tekno’s hit song ‘Pana’. I danced off beat (as usual). I tried to dance to the beat but I just couldn’t. I also thought to try a few dabs and shoki moves my niece – Keno had taught me but decided against it. From my side eye, I spotted Tunde, my bridal train dance partner. When I saw him, I praised myself; Tunde was giving Michael Jackson  moves and it was hilarious! His stout body made him look really silly. He kept up the ‘good work’ (or at least so he thought) because he dished out his fish smileYes! I know fishes don’t smile but if they did, it would look like the silly grin on Tunde’s face.

I fought the urge to tackle Jessica when I heard her birdlike voice chirping “old woman dance!” Boy! Was I glad when it was time to finally take a seat. Jessica and I sat next to each other sipping our cocktails. I tried to concentrate on the speech the chairman’s wife gave about “giving IT to your husband” but Jessica kept nudging me to either look at someone who had just walked in or sign off which selfie was good enough to reach the ‘Gram.

I got stuck watching Kemi and Emeka sing along to Shania Twain’s song Jealous. Kemi looked so graceful. She had me wishing and praying for “my turn“. I quickly shoved the thoughts of me on my wedding day (one day) behind my head and decided to just enjoy the moment.

Besides eating (a.k.a Item number 7), turn up time was what every one looked forward to at Nigerian weddings. Immediately the DJ dropped Runtown’s ‘For life, it was as if the Pastor had made an altar call for everyone who wanted to get married before the end of the year – all my ‘sisters’ graced the dance floor. The dudes of course were not left out as everyone picked a partner and started swaying to the beats.