From The ‘Gram With Style | Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru – Demuren (@toolzo)

Tolu Oniru-Demuren popularly known as ‘Toolz’ is a media mogulette. She is the Assistant Director of Programmes at Beat 99.9FM and the CEO of Sablier. Toolz’ company, Sablier is a lingerie and body shapewear line which aims to make plus-sized women feel comfortable and confident with their bodies. Like her company slogan states, Toolz is all about “Embracing Your Beautiful” and we love her style.

Check her out!

Outfit: Tope FnR

Dress: Aimanoshi D
Outfit: Iro Lagos

Outfit: Rumah Kafran Citra

Dress: Aimanoshi D

Dress: Maxi Oba Official
Outfit: Tosho Woods
Dress: Maxi Oba Official

Outfit: Valerie Davids

Outfit: Tosho Woods

Outfit: Tosho Woods
Outfit: JBLiving
Dress: Aimanoshi D

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From the ‘Gram with Style

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