Tobi & Seyi’s #ElementaryLove2019 is all shades of cute!

Nigerian couple, Tobi and Seyi are getting married! The couple attended the same primary school and they got engaged 20 years later right where their love story began at Tomobid Nursery & Primary School. See all the photos from their lovely proposal if you missed it

Read their love story and see photos from their pre-wedding shoot with Awgz.

Our love story (by the groom)

It all began roughly 20 years ago at Tomobid Nursery and Primary school Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. I was one year ahead of Seyi yet we had different things that brought us together early on. I was a boy scout and she was a brownie (I still call her my brownie today). We both joined the school choir, where I played the keyboard/piano and she sang. We were nursery and primary school friends until we graduated and lost touch for years.

Jan 2015, I found her on Facebook and as soon as I sent her a request, she accepted and messaged me. We spoke that evening after work and started talking and chatting every hour of every day, like that post- primary school gap never even happened. We quickly became close friends and then best friends. I lived in Abuja and she lived in Ibadan; whenever either of us visited the other’s city, we spent as much time as we could together.

Mar 2016, I realized I could not live life without her and I knew I will TOTALLY hate myself if I didn’t tell her immediately. I didn’t want to lose her to someone else and so I asked her out. She said the first Yes.

Two years down the line, on the day of our anniversary; I thought would be the best time to propose to her as I had decided to commit to and spend the rest of my life with my browny. I had thought of several places to do so and finally decided on what should have been the most obvious place from the beginning, where it all started, our nursery and Primary school, Tomobid. I contacted Sparkplug Proposals and we decided to get her close friends, family, and the proprietress of the school (who was extremely happy), around to witness this move where it all started was an experience of a lifetime.

The bride’s story

We met around 1998/1999 when we were so young in Tomobid school. We were in different classes but various school activities brought us together. First, it was the school choir, where he played the keyboard and I sang. Next, we were in the same club, he was a boys scout and I was a brownie (I am still more than convinced that he left the Taekwondo club for the boy scouts just because of me by the way). Also, we were both put in the same house (orange house) it was as though God always kept him near me.

I was always fascinated by the way he played the keyboard so well at such a young age, and became particularly fond of one of the tunes he used to play. Even when we lost contact for a while, I was constantly reminded of him by the sound of every keyboard. We reunited again shortly after university and quickly became inseparable. Now we share a love so passionate and strong, he complements me in every way and each day, I love him more.


  • Photography: Awgz 


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