His surprise birthday party, her surprise proposal | Abiodun & Oyinkan’s love story

Abiodun and Oyinkan are getting married and their white wedding is being planned by event planner extraordinaire, TrendyBE Events. We caught up with the bride, who shared their love story and pictures from their studio pre-wedding shoot with Alistair Englebert Photography. 

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Love Story

I met Abiodun in 2012 at a friend’s house. We met in passing and he collected my number from another mutual friend. We became friends very fast. We found each other very fascinating because we came from two different worlds and lived two VERY different lifestyles. He is very social and outgoing while I really just love being in my house.

A few months later, we made things official and then I had to move back to the UK to finish off uni. We stayed together through the years (lots of travelling back and forth, planned trips and FaceTime). Eventually, Abiodun also moved to the UK for his masters and when I was through with my Master’s degree, we both decided to move back to Nigeria to start our lives together. Thing is, we’ve both always known we were going to stay and be together but I wasn’t quite sure when we’d get married. 

The Proposal

It was Abbey’s birthday, back in June 2018. Through the then 6 years of our relationship, he was always able to surprise me and plan things for me however, I was never that lucky. So I took on the challenge to try and plan him a surprise dinner party with our close friends (epic fail, lol!). He had informed his friends and some of my friends that he planned to propose on his birthday. They told him about my surprise dinner party. Everyone I invited pretty much knew he was going to ask me. I’m still surprised at how not one person let it slip. 

I called everyone up, booked the restaurant, chose the menu and booked the cake, not knowing I was planning my engagement party. After dinner, I was giving a speech, thanking everyone for coming and he interrupted me. The moment he interrupted me, everyone had their phones in our faces, recording us.

I STILL didn’t know what was about to happen; I just assumed it was just for Snapchat. He proceeded to thank everyone and then thank me for all the years I’ve been by his side through thick and thin and teased about how I always pay attention to every single detail and how I’m too observant. Then, he collected a red box from one of his friends’ (Femi).  I saw the red box and immediately thought it was the Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet I had wanted for a while (it comes in a similar box). The rest happened so fast; he went on one knee and asked me to marry him. There were a lot of awwww’s and tears. Being genuinely surprised, I kept asking if he was serious (lol) and eventually I said YES. 


  • Planner (White Wedding): TrendyBE Events
  • Photography: Alistair Englebert Preston
  • Bride’s fabric & Groom’s traditional outfit: Riccí-Heritage Fabrics
  • Bride’s outfit tailored by Cottons & Stitches
  • Groom’s Suits: Reves Official
  • Makeup: Makeup by ATL
  • Aso-Oke: Bisbod Ventures


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